Advice Time Week 10

Alright kids. We’ve got ourselves a Thursday game, so to start this advice time column here’s a brief start’em sit’em for the Atlanta Baltimore game.

Must: Michael Turner. Ray Rice. Joe Flacco. Anquan Boldin. Roddy White. Tony Gonzalez. Matt Bryant

Maybe: Matt Ryan. Mike Jenkins. ATL Defense. Derrick Mason. TJ Houshmandzadeh.

Nope: Todd Heap. Willis McGahee. BAL Defense. Jason Snelling. Billy Cundiff

For the Record.. I’ve got ATL winning this one in Atlanta.


Of course, who you start is very much dependent on who else you have. So go ahead and post it. Any question you’ve got. And we’ll get back to you. All ATL/BAL questions will be answered prior to Thursday’s kickoff. And every question is guaranteed before game time Sunday. As always, we ask that you help us spread the word. Facebook, Twitter, skywriting, homemade godhateslosers t-shirts, haiku. whatever. Thanks!



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108 responses to “Advice Time Week 10

  1. Ratcliffe2005

    #1 So out of

    Peyton Hillis
    Arian Foster
    Jamaal Charles

    Which two get started?

    #2 Then… Out of
    Nate Washington

    Which two get started? (Not PPR)

    • 1 Gotta be Charles and Foster this week. Fosters a no brainer for me, Charles has a far better matchup than Hillis, as he is playing the 150 ypg Broncos.

      2 Ward and Maclin. I have Washington as a great sleeper play but Maclin is playing the 2nd worst pass D, Ward is playing the 4th worst.

  2. jayhawk4life59

    pick two wr – Bowe, Wayne, Garcon, Williams(TB)
    and then who for my flex F.Jackson, Lynch, and whoever not my wr1/wr2

    • I think Wayne, Garcon at WR. and you have to drop one of your receivers into the Flex spot. Williams has been pretty legit every game, but CAR actually has a good pass def. Bowe also has a tough matchup, but is less consistent. Id go with Williams.

  3. Allan Basso


    Cannot afford to have another bad decision this week (lost 2 weeks by just 1 point with better options on the bench). I´m still in second, tied with other two, at 6-3. The leader is at 9-0 and I have to win this week to get some separation (we have 2 other guys with 5 wins).

    Non PPR league (14 teams)

    His team:
    Andre Johnson, Jordan Shipley, Earl Bennet
    L. Tomlinson, R. Willians
    Aaron Hernandez
    Billy Cundiff
    No defense yet

    My team and (bench)
    Schaub (Freeman)
    Harvin, Knox, Garcon (M. Austin)
    Benson, Blount (Torain, Best and Forte)
    Pettigrew (Gates)
    Jeff Reed
    Pittsburgh Defense

    Any changes you would make at WR and RB?

    I´m trying as much as I can to trade Best or Forte for a good receiver, even using Garcon to sweeten the deal, but so far I got nothing.


    • I have to go against sitting Austin. Harvin is having migraine issues so check his status. Knox has the toughest matchup, and no one can predict how Cutler does.

      Benson, Blount and Best are great plays this week. I would go with Benson and Best. But expect Blount to put up numbers. Any of the three would be good.

      • Allan Basso

        Are you sure about Austin?

        I know that Knox is not a great option because of his matchup, but Austin matchup is a bad one too.
        And Kitna seems to like Dez Bryant better.

        Also, I got a trade. Not a good one, but it was what I could get.
        Best for Danny Woodhead (he has good matchups going forward and I really didn’t need 5 RBs)

        For this week his matchup is also terrible, but do you think he would be a better option than Austin or Knox?

      • Austin is all kinds of up and down. He wasnt good last week, but the week before that he put up huge numbers. I cant recommend sitting someone who is largely considered one of the best fantasy receivers in the league. Hes got a small chance of being a let down again, but a higher chance of outperforming Knox.

        No. Austin and Knox are better plays than Woodhead.


    • Allan Basso

      Last question.

      I got a chance to get Pierre Thomas from the waiver wire (I’m 5th on priority).
      But in order to do that I’d have to drop Forte or Torain.

      I’m thinking Forte because Torain has a great palyoff schedule (Dal – W15 and Jac – W16).

      Would you do it?

      • Torain does have a good schedule, but Portis is back and it is yet to be seen how much he will take over. Remember that Portis was the main man there for the first few weeks and wasnt terrible. Torain will likely see about a 50% drop in carries as long as Portis is healthy. Forte is practically meaningless in anything besides PPR leagues. Very average this year with the lack of CHI O-Line. I’d drop Forte, because he’ll likely never see your starting line up anyways after you add PT.

      • Allan Basso

        Well, I guess that was not the last question after all.

        I cannot drop Forte right now.
        He is on Yahoos can’t cut list (not really sure why).

        Thomas is on a bye, so nobody picked him up.
        I don’t want to drop Torain because of his schedule (if he keeps his starting job, he may be very valuable), but I really want to get P. Thomas.

        So I have 2 options:
        a) Wait for next week and try to get him from the waiver wire (I’m fifth, but some guys ahead of me could really use a RB).
        b) Be really agressive and sacrifice my kicker, dropping him for Thomas.
        Then I would have no kickers for this week. My matchup got already 3 points from BAL kicker on thursday.
        I would have to overcome this difference with the rest of my lineup (both lineups are above)

        Your thoughts, please?

      • Dont play with an open spot, if thats what youre asking. You probably have to get him though before waivers kick in. Why not drop Best.. or Freeman. With Benson, Blount, Torain and PT, you wont need a 5th RB that will just sit. And no need to have a backup QB at this point, Schaub is good enough to be a starter until the end.

        If only your league wasnt so awful by not accepting trades.

      • Allan Basso

        Well, I traded Best for Danny Woodhead and I don’t trust Schaub at all. Plus, Freeman has many good matchups from now on and I may play him more than Schaub.

        Man, I really wish I could drop Forte.

        I have another option that I just thought about:

        I can drop Knox, get Thomas and play Austin this week.

        Then I would have Austin, Garcon, Harvin and Woodhead as Wrs and next week I could drop Forte to get another WR from the waiver wire.

        Since I’m fifth, there’s a good chance I can get Knox back (I will drop Forte as waiver bait for the guys the have priority over me).

        Even if I cannot get him back, he probably would mostly sit and maybe just be missed in week 14. Also, Meachen and Murphy are available and any of them would be a decent option for a 5th receiver in place of Knox.

        I pretty much made up my mind and will go for it.
        What do you think?

      • do your thing man. could work out for you

  4. 6-3 3 loss streak

    Mike Thomas


    Garrard over Brady?

    Minn D over Pitt? Could still grab ARI or PHI.

    Bench Breaston?

    • I take Garrard over Brady this week, yes.

      No point in having 2 DEFs on your roster, I’ve got ARI as my highest defense this week, but MIN could definitely do something against the sorry Bears.

      Thomas and Breaston both have upside this week. Both are playing against pathetic defenses. I have thomas over Breaston just because i trust his QB more.


  5. Justin

    ok.. #1

    schaub or palmer this week. i hate to and havent sat schaub yet but he has been diappointing at times


    d jackson
    m williams (tb)
    s johnson

    i need 4. i know for sure nicks and jackson and m williams are in.. but do i go maclin or johnson this week.

    • 1) This is not the week to bench Schaub. Palmer has the much tougher matchup. Use this week as your barometer for Schaub. If he cant perform against JAX then yeah, he is definitely benchable. Go with him this week though.

      2) Nicks, Jackson, Williams, Maclin. He is a bit more proven than Johnson and has the better matchup.

      • Justin

        ok update.. i just traded maclin for steven jackson. i still got maclin for this week.

        but should i just play the match ups from now on between who to play steven jackson or steve johnson in the w/r spot.. or jackson one of those u cant sit players.

      • Jackson is definitely tough to sit, but he does have a few rough matchups ahead of him. If Steve Johnson does have a great matchup, then it could be a good play to put him in at the W/R slot every now and then. Dont forget to watch your WR and RBs matchups as well. you’re team is pretty damn golden though, so I dont think you have to worry much about it.


  6. Justin

    sorry meant to post this in my comment but hit post comment too soon..

    r rice

    u think blount going to have a good enough day to start over one of those 3?

    d bowe
    p garcon
    j tamme
    t moeaki
    s holmes
    d keller

    now pick 4. atleast one needs to be a TE but i can play 2 TEs if needed.
    having a tought time deciding.. so any help would be great..

    and should i drop (going to try and trade first) moeaki or keller.. cuz i dont need 3 TEs.

    thanks in advice


    • Ive got all three higher than Blount this week.

      Id actually go with 2 TEs this week. Bowe and Garcon at WR. And fill in the other two spots with Tamme and Keller.
      Garcon is back as #2 receiver where he performed well. Bowe has a better matchup than Holmes. Tamme is on fire and Keller has the best matchup of an TE this week.

      I’d suggest trying to trade Moeaki, but if you want any value for him, you are going to have to pair him with one of your RBs.


  7. Foxtrot Dad

    In an PPR league. I need two from the following for Week 10. Leaning Hillis and Blount; advice would be appreciated.

    Hillis vs Jets
    Moreno vs KC
    Lynch vs Arizona
    Blount vs Carolina
    Woodhead vs Pittsburgh

    Thanks for the help

    • Hey. Thanks for stopping by.

      Hillis has a tough week, but I agree that he is a good play. Blount has a better matchup too, and could perform well if he is still used more heavily than the rest. I like Lynch this week because of his matchup. But he hasnt proven to be that great a play. He’s got a chance to show up big, but is not much of a guarantee.

      I would run with Blount and Lynch personally. Lynch has the upside, but Hillis is more consistent and probably a safer play.

      Hope this works for you and good luck this week. Let us know how you do.


  8. MG

    Ahhh scored 129 points last week and still lost… The hits keep coming for me, so I need a solid play at flex this week.

    Who do you like most at W/R:
    Mike Willaims (TB)
    LeGarrette Blount (TB)
    Beanie Wells (ARI)
    Dez Byrant (DAL)

    I’m thinkin Bount right now since CAR run D is atrocious.


    • Agree with the call on Blount.
      CARs pass defense is good so Blount is safer than Williams.
      Wells is not a good play at all this season, especially against SEA.
      Bryant is consistent every single week, and had a good one last time they played NYG. Dallas is full of unknowns this week, so I think Blount is probably the guy to go with.


  9. Ezekiel

    Matt Ryan or Fitz this week?

  10. Double Dwaynebowe

    thomas jones or brandon jacobs and why?

    • Thomas Jones. Has a great matchup this week. Jacobs is facing a new Def Coord in DAL. Jacobs got a score and 75 yards against them last time, but Bradshaw should see most of the work. Jones should be alright this week and rebound from his awful play last week in OAK.



    Need 1 WR & 1 Flex, and have these to choose from: Garcon, Sims-Walker, Mike Williams (SEA), Beanie Wells, Torain, Donald Brown & Woodhead.

    In another league @ WR (need 1), Should I go with Steve Smith(CAR), Mike Williams(SEA), or Nate Washington?


    • I’d go Garcon and Sims-Walker. Williams is tempting against the DEF that he tore up a few weeks ago, but because its Hasselbeck’s first week back, I’m debating it. If your league is PPR, he is probably worth the gamble though.

      Second league I say go with Williams.


  12. phillyDan

    which 2 qb do i start?

    roethlisberger at ne
    orton at kc
    garrard at hou

    • All three are good plays.

      Orton is back on track and has a decent matchup.
      Roeth is a must against the awful NE pass defense.
      Garrard has the best matchup of the three.. but I actually like Orton more because of his weapons and the DEN style of offense.

      Orton and Big Ben are my picks, though I think its worth noting that I picked up Garrard in a few league to cover Rivers in his bye week.


  13. Matt(The Lions Fan)

    Hey there this is my first time on here but it seems you give pretty good advice. A little back ground on my team…I started 1-3 but have reeled off 5 straight to sit at 6-3 and 3rd place in my 12 team league. It’s a non PPR league. My team consist of:
    QB: Ryan, Garrard
    WR: Roddy, Floyd, Mason
    RB: Gore, Hillis, Charles, Greene
    TE: Zack Miller, Moeaki
    Def: Vikings, TB(for this week)
    K: Bironas, Tynes
    We start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, and 1 flex(either a RB or WR) so I always start 3 RBs Gore, Hillis and Charles. My question this week is at QB…Ryan home vs. Ravens or Garrard home vs. Texans? Also any word on Roddy’s status? thanks

    • Welcome to the site. Congrats on the hot streak and I hope my advice can help you maintain it. Good luck and let us know how it works out

      I’m liking Garrard more than Ryan. Anyone can throw on HOU and Garrard should put up some good looking numbers against them. Much better matchup than Ryan’s.
      White is officially listed as Questionable, but everything that I’ve read has him playing. I would start him with confidence.


  14. John

    Davone Bess or Nate Washington?

  15. Scotty

    Thanks for the help last week. Team under-performed and fell to 4-5. I made some pretty big trades to key in my starting line-up for the rest of the year and thanks for the prior help with trade talk. Just had a few questions.
    10 team Standard league scoring

    QB – Vick
    WR – Marshall
    WR – C. Johnson
    RB – Ray Rice
    RB – MJD
    Flex – Steven Jackson
    TE – Jason Witten
    DEF – Steelers or Tampa Bay

    Bench: B. Wells, Flacco, V. Jackson, Crabtree, Nate Washington.

    Main question is Steelers or TBay this week? Also trade deadline ends Friday for my league. Should I keep Jackson for possible fill in depending on how he comes back in few weeks or try and trade him off?

    • I’ve got Tampa’s defense pretty high this week, so I’d go with that.

      I honestly dont think that you will get your team much better by dealing Jackson, youll just get a player that will rot on your bench. I’d hold on to him.

      Congrats on the trades and whatnot. This is a great looking team.


  16. Sappy

    Tony Gonzalez a ‘must’? Against Baltimore no less? I was leaning towards Dustin Keller.

    Also, Garrard or Fitzpatrick?

    And is Nate Washington worth a start?

    • If youve got Keller, go with Keller. Gonzo is top 5, but Keller is top 3 this week.

      I’ve got Garrard higher than Fitz this week. Garrard has the better matchup against the worst pass DEF in the league. I expect big things out of the JAX offense.

      Nate Washington is my fave sleeper this week. He could do great things with Moss taking the pressure. The matchup is suspect, but I do like him


  17. James

    Love the advice, can you help out?

    My Team
    1 pt / 20 yards, 6pts / TD

    Vick or Schaub

    3 wr’s – Nicks, Austin, Harvin, Knox, B.White — leaning toward nicks, austin, and I want to start White (risky?)

    2 rb’s – Peterson is a lock, then between McCoy or Bradshaw – I like the Vick/McCoy combo but are unsure – Bradshaw will be a beast vs Dallas

    TE – Hernandez or Olsen

    DEF – Vikings or Lions

    Always appreciated!

    • Of course I can. Thanks for dropping in.

      Vick is probably the better play. He’s been performing better than Schaub and has a great matchup with all his weapons back.

      Nicks, Austin and Harvin would be my plays. White is again the #3 receiver, but lets not forget what happened the last time there was a lot of hype around him.. 0 catches, 0 yards. Go with the safe play here. Harvin if he is healthy. Knox if you dont trust Harvin.

      Definitely bradshaw over McCoy. he did terrible things to dallas the last time they played.

      Hernandez at TE

      Vikings DEF should do tons of damage against CHI.

      good luck to you. Let us know how the week turns out.


  18. Bobby

    not doing that great this year, (4-4) my team stricken with injuries!

    my team (includeing bench)

    mike vick(vince young)
    ben watson(owen Daniels)
    welker,wayne,breaston(britt,sidney rice,lee evans, nate washington)
    ronnie brown,mike turner(pierre thomas, lynch)

    my main question is Breaston or Nate Washington or Lee Evans? not to sure what will happen with sidney rice! also should i hold onto Brown?? or any other advice about my banged up team! btw i started with Tony Romo, and Dallas Clark! just my luck!

    • I’ve got Evans and Washington higher than Breaston. Evans has the best matchup. Washington is a great sleeper this week and should see some great numbers. Breaston has a good matchup, but I dont really trust his QB at all. Rice could actually play a little bit this week, but I wouldnt call him a starter until next week.

      Injuries definitely got to you. Chances are your trade deadline is tomorrow… i’d think about trading Brown and Britt/Washington/Evans/Welker for an elite starting RB just to beef your team up a little.
      Try to trade. I’d suggest a RB upgrade over a WR one. and maybe find a better consistent TE on the waivers.


  19. James

    ove the advice, can you help out?

    My Team
    1 pt / 20 yards, 6pts / TD

    Vick or Schaub

    3 wr’s – Nicks, Austin, Harvin, Knox, B.White — leaning toward nicks, austin, and I want to start White (risky?)

    2 rb’s – Peterson is a lock, then between McCoy or Bradshaw – I like the Vick/McCoy combo but are unsure – Bradshaw will be a beast vs Dallas

    TE – Hernandez or Olsen

    DEF – Vikings or Lions

  20. ShAd0wS

    Had some pretty bad luck last week, and sitting Harvin for Breaston didn’t help, apparently he can still pull down over 100 yards even when he can barely walk. Anyways, I have 4 games left, and the last 3 are against 3 of the weaker teams in the league, this upcoming game would be great to win, but is also against the guy with one of the best teams (foster and hillis with mccoy on bench at RB… and real solid WRs on top of that. )so I need all of the points I can get.
    Only one real question in my lineup:

    RB2: Blount or Torain. Torain with a monday game kind of sucks, so if hes still questionable by Sunday hes not really an option.
    Also, is it worth picking up Williams or Portis off FA, dropping either Lynch, BJGE, Fred Jackson, or Breaston to do so?

    • Blount would be my start. He is up against CAR, a beatable defense, only worry is that he might share a bit more. Torain is a tough call, and I dont like him much this week. As long as Blount stays a starter, I think there is no need to ‘upgrade’ at RB.


  21. John

    I have Aaron Rogers and no back up QB. Who should I pick up for this week’s matchup out of the following available free agents?

    Sam Bradford
    Carson Palmer(I have T.O.)
    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Vince Young
    Chad Pennington

  22. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    This week my league will no longer allow trades. Essentially my team is set although I think I could upgrade my one of my WR- Patrick Crayton.
    On the WW there are the following to pick up: JACOBY FORD, whom I just don’t see getting a huge amount of use in the future; NATE BURLESON, top of the list; SEYI AJIROTUTU, outstanding job last week but has competition coming to play soon; MIKE THOMAS, another top pick; DANNY AMENDOLA, big guy on 3rd downs; BRIAN HARTLINE, seams to be in the play more than before; or BLAIR WHITE, might be seeing more time but still isn’t looked to all that much I feel.
    Thats the list of the WW players, so should I trade Crayton in for any of them?

    • Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

      Earl Bennett and Anthony Armstrong are options too.

    • Crayton is pretty much out. He’s got his bye this week, and Floyd and V Jackson will be back in the line up Week 11. So him and Ajirotutu are out for me. Ford is meh, same with White for me.

      Burleson has been impressive, Thomas will have a good week 10, but hard to predict after that. Hartline had a good week, but as a #3 receiver, taht cant be expected.

      I think Burleson is the best bet. But you can pretty much consider the Waivers your own personal bench. Expect that these players will be sitting there just waiting to be picked up by you based on matchup.


      • Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

        I went with Thomas just because I already have C Johnson on Detroit’s team and was thinking I should spread out the teams I have players on. Was that a wise choice? Who knows…but now with Vincent Jackson being put on the WW I’m thinking he might be a viable choice. What do you think? Is Jackson going to be a play maker?

      • I do think Jackson will come back strong and will see the same weekly stats that he put up last year. With almost no legit run game in SD, they are going to be pass happy when Floyd, Gates and V Jax return in week 11, I say go for it.

  23. Sox

    Hey guys. You think Garcon is a risky start again this week?

    QB – Fitzpatrick or Matt Ryan?
    WR – Garcon or Bess?

    Thanks as always!!

    • Sox

      Actually I think I’ve decided on Ryan and Garcon. Charles and Foster at RB, Hernandez at TE, Arizona DEF.

      I’m currently in 9th place at 3-5, but there’s 4 people in my league with 4-4 records and I have an easy matchup this week. A playoff spot is almost impossible but I’ll be happy with finishing 6-6 or 7-5 (annoyed still that we missed week one).

    • Garcons stock has gone up this week. Decent matchup, not great, but he is back as a #2 with Collie out with the concussion.

      Fitz at QB.


  24. Brian

    Trade question, I get Steve Smith(NY), Aaron Hernandez, and Tom Brady for Gates and Cutler. Non ppr standard scoring, is it worth it? I put Gates on the trade block to try and improve my wideouts and because I’m a little worried about him playing without working feet. Here’s my lineup:

    QB- Eli Manning, Cutler

    WR’s- Bowe, Maclin, Lee Evans, Williams(sea), Royal, Gaffney, Louis Murphy, Amendola, Jacoby Ford, Crayton

    RB’s- CJ, Foster, Mendenhall

    TE- Gates, Celek

    • I say go for it. Hernandez is a good cover for Gates, he’ll get you a few less points a week, but they’ll be made up for. Smith is a great pickup. and Manning is going to be your starting QB either way, so no loss there.


  25. Tyson

    I think my line-up pretty much sets itself this week. Tell me if you think I should make any tweaks. (0.5 PPR league, plus points for kick returns)

    QB: Roethlisberger
    WR: Ward, D. Bryant, D. Amendola (Holmes, Woodhead, Branch)
    RB: Benson, Blount (Moreno, Woodhead)
    TE: Tamme
    K: Folk
    D/ST: Arizona (Tennessee)

    My only real questions are whether I should try to fit in Holmes (due to match-up) and whether I’m making the right choice on D/ST with Arizona. I keep thinking Moreno vs. KC is a good fit, but then I remember that this is not last year’s Chiefs! I honestly can’t see using either Woodhead or Branch against the Steelers.

  26. Chad H

    Last minute advice, Please help.
    Tony Gonzalez or Keller. A lot of the rankings have Keller higher but he’s not getting the looks he was earlier this season.

  27. Ratcliffe2005

    Help needed for the other team now…

    Q1: Starting at WR: C. Johnson + M. Williams (TB)

    However whose the third.
    N. Washington, R. Moss, S. Moss, D. Woodhead,

  28. kirsty

    hey, thanks for helping people out!

    advice I need is WR – 2 of 3 to go with Calvin Johnson – Stefan Logan, Danny Amendola, Danny Woodhead….


    • So.. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you are in a points per return yardage league.

      If thats the case, it really depends on your scoring. Logan and Amendola are probably your best bet there as Woodhead has a tough matchup.

      Thanks for dropping in and let your friends know about us. We’d love to get more people here


  29. Stephanie

    Thomas Jones or Best this week at RB? Kinda of leaning towards Jones only because he can’t have a worst week than last week and Best has been a little tenative on the run with his turf toe…which has be aggrevating him this week.

    Also, my most diffcult decison is at the WR position.

    Harvin (may be out i know, but in case he isn’t)
    Austin (did horrible last week but can’t see sitting him)
    Desean Jackson (definite starter)
    Brandon Lloyd (should do well against KC)Steve Johnson (benched him last week over Austin and you know how that ended up for me.

    Thanks for your insight! Since I have been using this sight I went from 7th to 3rd in my league. I can’t say I have used all of your advice but I credit you guys for making me think things out more


    • Just posted my weekly position rankings. I have Best higher, but I think that this is going to be the week of the running back. Jones has a great matchup, but is lower than Best because he shares his carries.

      Jackson and Lloyd are must starts. Johnson Harvin and Austin are pretty much a toss up for you. All have downsides, but all can make a good point at being your starter. Steve Johnson is the highest of the three on my list.

      We are definitely not here to run your team for you, but we are glad that you are taking our suggestions to heart and using your research skills. Congrats on moving up, lets keep you in the playoff hunt.


  30. Smokin' Joe

    Week 10. Wow, is this going fast. Looking for some into put:

    QB – Fitz or Freeman

    WR – pick 3 – Sims-Walker,Amendola,Royal,Manningham, Johnson(BUF), Austin

    I like Sims-Walker, Amendola, Johnson.

    • QB. Fitz over Freeman. Better matchup, on a good streak.

      WR. SimsWalker, Johnson and Austin would be my picks for you. Amendola is iffy for me, it seems that whenever I suggest him, he has a bad week. Austin is up and down, but he is a #1 receiver and always has a good chance to perform.

      • Smokin' Joe

        Austin is up and down, After Wade gone, I still don’t see Dallas pulling it together in one week and win a game. Kinta is a good vet but doesn’t go down the field. Amendola has 2 TD’s in 2 weeks. I can see one more week with another one. Manninghm is playing a hurt, disappointing season on D for Dallas. Manning should have another 3-4 TD week. So hard, no matter who I pick, the other will do good. LOL
        I do like Fitz this week playing Det.

      • Austin or Amendola. I really cant justify putting Manningham in over either of them. Amendola has become a good target though, matchup is iffy, but better than Austins. I see your point, I just have a hard time saying no to him. And I have to cheer for him as I have him starting in 3 leagues.


  31. Zach

    Whatsup, great stuff on here. I’m sitting at 9-0 in a standard 12 man league and gearing up for the playoffs.

    Our trade deadline is tomorrow and I was just offered steve johnson for lagarrette blount. I currently start andre johnson, reggie wayne and wes welker with sidney rice on the bench. I also have foster, run dmc and lesean mccoy ahead of blount. Do I pull the trigger in case rice isn’t dynamite when he comes back?

    I also may have an offer where I receive vernon david for mccoy. I have zach miller..but should I be worried about his health going forward? I don’t want to leave myself too thin at) by making these trades.

    • at 9-0, i think youve got a good thing going and dont have to mess around too much. i’d stay where you are and just find the best TE replacement on waivers if Miller is out again after his bye.

  32. Smokin' Joe

    Since Car. RB’s are all hurt. What do you think about putting in Goodson? TB is giving up 147 ypg but Car’s line sucks. It sounds like he will get all the work load. What u think about this?

  33. D Laz

    Quarterback question:

    Cassel vs a shitty Denver D
    Brady vs a stingy Pitt D

    You placed 14th on your list, and Cassel somewhere off the list. With similar season stats, and Cassel facing a FAR worse D that will be wide open after Charles/Jones make the play-action very effective… why is he lower on your list?

  34. Jack

    Hi Andrew, have one lineup Q for this week.

    Mike Williams (TB) @ CAR, or Randy Moss @ MIA? I’m leaning towards Moss because he seems to give a half a crap when he joins a new team.. What do you think?


    • Williams is solid, but Moss is always good for some reason in his first game for a new team. I think Moss is more of a gamble here just because Williams is such a consistent producer. Carolina’s pass defense is actually better than Miami’s on paper and the QBs are pretty even in my opinion, so its about as much of a toss up as you can get. Based on the intangibles though, I think Moss is worth the risk.


  35. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    I have been reading a lot and studying up the for my selection between Peyton Hillis and LeGarrette Blount. I have Blount selected now on my starting roster, but every day I want more and more to play Hillis. Is this the right choice?

    • Statistically I agree that Blount should be your starter. He is going up against CAR who is giving up over 120 per game on the ground. Hillis is against the Jets, 4th in the league giving up less than 90.
      Blount is seeing a bit of a split with C Williams, which has him coming out on passing downs, but he should still get most of the carries. I expect Tampa to jump on Carolina pretty quick and run it out in the second half.
      Hillis had a great week last week, but NE is not as good as the Jets. He’ll get all the carries, but how effective he will be is completely up in the air. He has a tendency to underperform against good rush DEFs (41 yards against PIT, 28 yards against ATL)

      I go with Blount.


  36. cgi

    OK, just picked up Manningham off waivers. Steve Smith is out. Which 2 do I play (obviously I’m playing Nicks).

    Mike Thomas
    Floyd (bye)

    I could also pick up Garcon off the waivers (although unlikely, as I’m #10 in line) and would have to drop Hightower, F.Jax or Mike Thomas?

      • Thanks man. If I had the time/patience, i would figure out where I rank in that list, but alas, I’m lazy. Perhaps in the future.
        On a side note, Erik Kuselias is awful. Perhaps I should throw in a job application.

    • Nicks is the definite smart play here.
      As a Cowboy fan, it rips out my soul to say that Manningham is probably the best other option… so I wont, and I’ll suggest Holmes. Its an awkward reasoning, but here it goes.. Holmes is going to play Cleveland, a team that isnt hot against the pass to begin with. To second that, he is teammates with Braylon Edwards, and ex-Brown, who is trash talking the hell out of them. I think Cleveland presses Edwards too hard and leaves Holmes and Keller with too many open looks. Holmes comes out with the best fantasy week for the Jets.

      Or I’m wrong.

      I like Nicks and Holmes.


      • Cgi

        Ok i messed up my question. Need to play 3 WR. U pretty much answered it to go with Nicks, Holmes & Manningham. However, i was able to pick up Garcon off the waivers. Do I play him over Holmes or Manningham? Also, i’m willing to bet your stats r better than some of those writers. Some of the advice out there is just plain stupid.

  37. Robert

    I had a rough last week and my team underachieved!! I defined need some help this week, sitting at 4-5. Opponent is 6-3.

    Here is my lineup – So far I’m off to a good start with M. Ryan. Yeah!!!

    QB(1) – Matt R. (played)
    QB(2) – Vince Young
    WR(1) – Andre J.
    WR(2) – Steve J.
    WR(3) – Percy Harvin.
    RB(1) – L. Blount
    RB(2) – F. Jackson
    TE – Jacob Tamme
    W/T – Jabar Gaffney
    W/R – Deion Branch
    DEF – Tampa Bay

    1st question – I have Kerry Collins on my bench, who should I start with Young being a game time decision?

    2nd question – For Flex Play. I have Javarris James(RB) on my bench. Who would you start J. James or D. Branch?

    3rd question – Tampa Bay or Phily Def?

    As always thanks for your feedback.

    • Your guess is as good as mine on the QB… game time decision means game time decision. Keep a close eye on this one and they’ll announce the starter about an hour before kickoff. Play whoever gets the start. I think Young will be good to go, though.

      Pitt DEF giving up 240 passing yards per game. Cincy DEF giving up 120 on the ground. My only concern with James is the amount of playing time he’ll actually get since Brown will be the starter. Branch is definitely a gamble since he has been less than spectacular since his first game with NE, so its anyones guess as to whether he’ll pick up or not. My advice is to keep your eye on Harvin, he has been practicing, but you never know with him. If he is out, you can start both. If Harvin plays, I say stick with Branch. He might be a gamble, but at least you know he’ll be on the field more than James. Cross your fingers and hope the NE is losing early so they have to pass a lot.

      Both DEF picks are good ones, fantastic matchups for both. TB has more turnovers this season and you cant argue with Carolina being a great team to play against. I’d go with them.

      Hope it helped. #2 is definitely a tough one. Good luck and let me know how it turns out for you next week. Thanks for coming by again, make sure you tell your friends about us.


  38. justus kandoll

    I need help selecting wr’s for tomorrow.
    Pick two out of Sims walker, J. Maclin, M. Austin, S. Holmes, S. Rice

  39. justus kandoll

    Oh and gotta say thanks for Boldin and Flacco advice in the must category. Flacco came up big with Rivers on bye. Thank you very much.

  40. strag

    I have Tom Brady & Matt Ryan. And both of them having pretty tough matchups this week, I wasn’t sure who to start. I thought about going with the safer QB, who I thought would be Brady.

    I regret that now as Ryan got 25 fan pts. I need a QB that could get me at least 17 pts. And I’m starting to doubt that Brady will do that this week.

    So I picked up David Garrard and I’m planning on starting him instead of Brady. Do you think this was a good move?

    • Brady could do it, but thats pretty unlikely. Garrard has a great matchup and could put up some of his highest numbers of the season. I have Rivers as a starter in 2 of my leagues, but its his bye week. Garrard is the player that I went out and picked up. I think he is a pretty good bet to get you at least 17.


  41. Justin

    i dont know if my last one went thru but i asked

    pick 2

    eli manning
    Kyle orton
    big ben

    i playing eli for sure, but do u think big ben vs pats or orton vs chiefs will have bigger day.
    the person im playing is playing 4 steelers today (h miller, m wallace, mendy, jeff reed) if that matters

    • It might have and I just skipped it. Sorry.

      First of all, I never look at my matchup. And never let it affect the way you build your team. Just worry about putting in the best players you have. If their WR is on the same team as your QB, so what?

      That being said… Manning is a definite. Roethlisberger has a chance to throw it all over the sorry Pats secondary thats giving up 270 yards per game. But Orton is back into his rhythm and playing a middle-of-the-road defense in KC. Instead of looking at the matchups, i’m going to make my pick looking at the actual QB in this one.
      Roeth is getting 230 per game. Averaging 1.5 TDs.
      Orton is getting 313 per game. Averaging 1.5 TDs.

      You know that the Broncos are going to pass it. A ton. I say go with Orton.

  42. Rob

    Good morning! Hope it isn’t too late to slip in a question. I have 3 RBs to choose from on my roster: Mendenhall, McCoy and Blount. I’m thinking Mendenhall for sure, and am up in the air on the other two. Both seem like good options. Trying to figure out which one is the better play.

    McCoy played well against Washington earlier in the season, but should have Vick for the whole game this time. Not sure if more Vick is good or bad from the McCoy fantasy perspective. Blount has an excellent matchup and should see a lot of carries, but his blocking back, Graham, is out. Whaddayathink???

    • Of course not. I’ve got a chance to sit at the computer before kick off for about another hour or so. So if youve got friends who need last minute advice/confirmation on their lineup, send them over.

      Blount has the better matchup of the two and I expect TB to get on top of CAR early and run it out. Blount could see another great day, as long as he doesnt have to split any carries. McCoy is pretty consistent week in and week out, and Washington isnt exactly a tough matchup for him. I think I’d go with McCoy on this one. Especially if you are PPR. If not, then its pretty much a toss up. McCoys my pick though.

  43. Jsph_vsqz

    Who start at flex shiancoe or spoilers need help fast plz

  44. Jsph_vsqz

    Meant spiller sorry

  45. Jsph_vsqz

    Thanks and my other bench players where crayon legacy and ford all on bye so no other options. I also have an unrelated question I have miles I want to trade him would that be a good thing to do could I even get any value for him thanks!!

  46. Bobby

    just a quick question…. who would you play mark ingram or reggie bush? or since i have a few flex positions, put mark ingram in for chad ochocinco, or kenny britt! thank you!!

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