Week 10 Position Rankings

Alright. Lets do this.

First of all, I’d like a bit of feedback from everyone about the posts that I write. If you guys could leave a little love about my set-up and advice. What you like and dislike. What you’d like to see, etc.

I’m gonna skimp a little bit on the position rankings this week. I feel that you are just getting greedy with me giving up my top 50. Any questions about people i dont post can be asked in the comments, and i’ll have my sleepers posted tomorrow.

I’ll give you this little nugget of information to chew on in the mean time…

  • Welker with Randy Moss: 4 games, 26 receptions, 217 yards, 3 TDs
  • Welker without Randy Moss: 4 games, 18 receptions, 138 yards, 0 TDs
  • Harvin with Moss: 4 games, 19 receptions, 287 yards, 2 TDs
  • Harvin without Moss: 3 games, 12 receptions, 106 yards, 1 TD
  • N. Washington without Moss: 8 games, 21 receptions, 351 yards, 4 TDs
  • N. Washington with Moss: ???  –  My guess, is that like Welker and Harvin, he improves. Expect big things, even with the tough MIA matchup. If youve got bye week issues or injuries or are looking to be saved by a gamble, go for it.

On to the Rankings:

Week 10 Quarterback Rankings

  1. Peyton Manning
  2. Michael Vick
  3. Ben Roethlisberger
  4. Eli Manning
  5. Kyle Orton
  6. Matt Schaub
  7. David Garrard
  8. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  9. Joe Flacco
  10. Carson Palmer
  11. Brett Favre
  12. Shaun Hill
  13. Matt Ryan
  14. Tom Brady
  15. Josh Freeman


Week 10 Running Back Rankings

  1. Arian Foster
  2. Chris Johnson
  3. Adrian Peterson
  4. Frank Gore
  5. Ahmad Bradshaw
  6. Rashard Mendenhall
  7. Cedric Benson
  8. Jamaal Charles
  9. Ray Rice
  10. Jahvid Best
  11. Maurice Jones Drew
  12. Michael Turner
  13. Steven Jackson
  14. LeGarrette Blount
  15. LeSean McCoy
  16. Marshawn Lynch
  17. Peyton Hillis
  18. LaDainian Tomlinson
  19. Thomas Jones
  20. Matt Forte
  21. Knowshon Moreno
  22. Donald Brown
  23. Fred Jackson
  24. Brandon Jacobs
  25. Ronnie Brown


Week 10 Wide Receiver Rankings

  1. Andre Johnson
  2. Reggie Wayne
  3. Hakeem Nicks
  4. DeSean Jackson
  5. Anquan Boldin
  6. Roddy White
  7. Calvin Johnson
  8. Terrell Owens
  9. Brandon Lloyd
  10. Mike Williams (TB)
  11. Steve Smith (NYG)
  12. Hines Ward
  13. Pierre Garcon
  14. Steve Johnson
  15. Jeremy Maclin
  16. Randy Moss
  17. Mike Sims-Walker
  18. Percy Harvin
  19. Larry Fitzgerald
  20. Mike Williams (SEA)
  21. Brandon Marshall
  22. Dez Bryant
  23. Mike Wallace
  24. Santana Moss
  25. Miles Austin
  26. Dwayne Bowe
  27. Johnny Knox
  28. Lee Evans
  29. Wes Welker
  30. Braylon Edwards


Week 10 Tight End Rankings

  1. Dustin Keller
  2. Jacob Tamme
  3. Vernon Davis
  4. Tony Gonzalez
  5. Chris Cooley
  6. Tony Moeaki
  7. Jason Witten
  8. Aaron Hernandez
  9. Visanthe Shiancoe
  10. Marcedes Lewis


Week 10 Kicker Rankings

  1. Dan Carpenter
  2. Matt Bryant
  3. David Akers
  4. Lawrence Tynes
  5. Adam Vinatieri
  6. Rob Bironas
  7. Josh Brown
  8. Neil Rackers
  9. Graham Gano
  10. Jeff Reed


Week 10 Defense Rankings

  1. Minnesota Vikings
  2. New York Giants
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  4. Arizona Cardinals
  5. New York Jets
  6. Philadelphia Eagles
  7. Detroit Lions
  8. Tennessee Titans
  9. Chicago Bears
  10. Indianapolis Colts


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10 responses to “Week 10 Position Rankings

  1. D Laz

    Quarterback question:

    Cassel vs a shitty Denver D
    Brady vs a stingy Pitt D

    You placed 14th on your list, and Cassel somewhere off the list. With similar season stats, and Cassel facing a FAR worse D that will be wide open after Charles/Jones make the play-action very effective… why is he lower on your list?

    • D Laz

      Oh, wrong forum. I will move my question over. Sorry about that.

    • It gets tough from 10 down. Cassel could have made the list. Denver is beatable through the air, but KC seems to be more of a ground team. NE has a good chance to play from behind in this one, and could throw more. Cincy highlighted the weaknesses in the PIT pass defense and Brady has the knowhow to exploit it. Both are about the same this week, but I gave Brady the edge because he is simply the better QB.

  2. Cgi

    Reason for McCoy @ 15?

    • Nothing against McCoy, I just think that Philly will get it done mostly through the air. the 14 ahead of him are all great RBs and all have pretty legit matchups this week. So expect a lot of RB points this week. McCoy will produce, I just dont think it will be as much as Bradshaw, Mendenhall, Best, MJD, etc.

  3. monnone

    Brandon Marshall has been kind of a let down these last couple of weeks. Should I try something new and start Nate Washington? Looks like he should have a good game.

    Thank You
    Mark Monnone

    • monnone

      I also forgot to mention that my league awards 1 point per reception. I do not know if that would change the decision.

      • I agree that Nate Washington is your go to guy this week. Marshall hasnt seen spectacular numbers and they are bringing in a new QB this week against a tough matchup. Washington has a great chance of making a big showing.


  4. Ryan

    Jamaal Charles or Peyton Hillis??

    I know you have JC ranked considerably higher than peyton but he is running like a man possessed and has done so against some very stout defenses this year, and really just has proven his a every week starter even in tough match-ups. On the other hand JC definitely has a better matchup with the chance every week to go off but is as always splitting carries….im stuck.

    Also who would you be more comfortable starting- Mike Goodsen or Ryan Torain with a tough matchup(they stated today hes getting the start and it sounded like portis wont be playing at all..)

    • I’m going to stick with Charles on this one. Hillis has done well against good rush defenses, but NYJ can put a ton of pressure on him while keeping the pass game on lock. I think this will be one of his least productive weeks. Of course he could go ahead and make a fool out of me, but I dont see that happening this week. Charles has a brilliant matchup, is seeing 35-50% of the carries each week and is an active part of their passing game.

      Philly is 103 per game. Tampa is 147. I say run with the sleeper this week and give Goodson the shot. He hasnt had a chance to prove himself and only has 16 carries this year, but I think that he’ll make the most of it against this great matchup. I dont see Torain losing many carries and he is reportedly back at full strength. He’s the more proven runner of the two, so there would be no guilty feeling if you start him over Goodson but he doesnt see the production.


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