Week 10 Sleepers and Sits.

So this is going to happen super fast.. because as always, I have procrastinated and am in a hurry.

Bye week fills and injury replacements for those who like a little bit of gamble.


QB-  David Garrard.. Youve got Rodgers, Rivers, Brees on bye this week. Garrard has the best matchup of any QB that is likely open in your league.

RB- Mike Goodson – Steward and Williams are out. Goodson should get a good amount of carries this week against a pretty poor TB DEF.

WR- Mike Sims Walker, Mario Manningham, Santonio Holmes – MSW is likely owned in your league. But if you have him, now might be the time to take him off your bench against the worst pass defense in the nation.  Manningham is the new #2 for NYG playing against a team that is getting worse and worse. Smith is out for the game, so Manningham steps up to steal his stats. Holmes is playing the Browns… a team that used to have B. Edwards, Holmes’s teammate. Browns will be going after Edwards, so I predict a little extra love thrown Holmes way.

TE- Brandon Pettigrew- Hill is playing, go ahead and look up Pettigrew’s numbers from the last time Hill got the start. He likes this guy, use him.


QB- Brett Favre. Bears are pretty good at keeping passes out of the endzone and have 11 picks this season. Dont expect another 440 yarder, more like a 220 with some INTS… Also, Chad Pennington, Tom Brady

RB- Dallas Cowboys RBs (as if I had to tell you that), Ben Jarvis Green Ellis, Beanie Wells

WR- Devon Bess, Percy Harvin, Dwayne Bowe

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2 responses to “Week 10 Sleepers and Sits.

  1. Brian

    Kind of surprised to see Bowe on the sit list, he’s been td friendly the last couple of weeks. Would you start Mike Williams(SEA) or Amendola over him?

    • I would this week. Bowe has been getting the TDs, and there is a chance of that this game.. but I see him being blanketed by Bailey all day. And with Denver being the second worst in rush defense (giving up 154 per game) Charles and T Jones will get the points for the Chiefs this week.
      Mike Williams seems a little dangerous this week, but Hasselbeck is slated to play, and Williams had his breakout game against ARI a few weeks ago.
      Amendola is getting 6 catches per game in his last 4, and 2 of them for TDs. He seems to be working well with Bradford, and should continue it against the mediocre DEF of SF.


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