Weekly Wrap-Up/Week 11 Advice Time

Long day at work. Sorry for missing the usually scheduled post times.

So here we go.

A special combo post just for you.


Let us know how you did in week 10. What worked, what didnt work, how badly you annihilated your opponent, etc. And go ahead and post any questions you have about the upcoming week. All questions will be answered before kickoff Sunday, and we’ll do our best to get your Chicago/Miami questions answered before Thursday’s game.


Special bonus!!! I want to know your team name. I want to see what kind of creativity GHLers have. This season i’m running with “Okung Fu Fighting” “Flacco Seagulls” “Revis is my Homeboy” and “A Boy Named Suh”… so give us what youve got.



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87 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up/Week 11 Advice Time

  1. Ramulous

    ok i have a couple of tough lineup questions, give me ur advice

    1 qb
    vick vs nyg
    flacco vs car
    orton vs sd

    2 rbs
    peterson vs gb
    sproles vs den
    jackson vs atl
    mccoy vs nyg

    2 wrs
    marshall vs chi
    bowe vs ari
    roddy vs stl
    steve johnson vs cin
    jacoby ford vs pit

    san diego vs den
    st louis vs atl
    or should i pick up SF against TB?

    i also need a flex wr/rb pick

    im in a PPR and a points for return yards league

    thanks man

    and btw, i annihilated my opponent by 100 points and my team name is “Come Get Me Bitches” lol and yes they are all trying to get me this season

    • All of your QB matchups are pretty rough, but after Vick’s Monday Night performance, Its hard to vote anyone but him, especially after what Kitna was able to do with the NYG defense.

      Peterson is a must against anyone, your other RB should be Jackson. S Jackson has a moderately difficult matchup against ATL, but youve got to roll with him as well. McCoy’s matchup is a rough one, and unless sproles hasnt been too hot returning recently.

      WRs – Bowe and White. Excellent matchups. Ford is definitely hit or miss in returns. Last week he was brilliant, a few weeks ago he had nothing at all. Its a judgement call if you want to play him. PIT should score a few times against them, and Reed’s leg isnt long enough to guarantee touchbacks.

      DEF- Neither SD or STL have great matchups. SD always has a chance to do something, but DEN’s offense is too high powered in my opinion. I’d pick up SF if you can or see if you can get a better matchup. BAL is usually available and they are facing a Carolina team with a new QB.


  2. Sox

    Well I left over 60 points on the bench.

    Started: Fitz (13 something pts)
    Benched: Brady (41pts) and Ryan (35.5pts)

    Nick Folk shanked 3 kicks.

    Arizona Defense got me a whopping -1 points.

    So I lost to the worst team in the league and my playoff hopes are officially dashed, just playing for pride at this point!

    I do have to say that 90% of the start/sit advice you see online is useless. You guys are doing a great job here.

    • Thanks for liking us. Tough break though. I did not see Brady having that kind of night, but he looked amazing. And cant fault you for Folk or ARI, both have been doing well until last week. I know that Folk messed me up pretty bad last week too.

      Might be time to hang it up and start making your draft board for next season.

  3. Justin

    i have questions for 2 diff leagues.. will try to keep it short.

    first league team name As Da Football Turns (5-5).

    lost by 45 in this league but i was playing the #2 team

    QB (need 1)
    schaub vs jets
    palmer vs bills

    w/t and w/r (need 2.. 1 for each)
    mike williams (tb) vs 49ers
    steven jackson vs falcons
    mario manningham vs eagles
    steve johnson vs bengals
    pierre thomas if he plays vs seahawks

    second league team name Pink Sox (8-2). won by 50 points

    now i think my line up looks good except one position

    eli manning
    kyle orton

    calvin johnson
    greg jennings
    dwayne bowe

    ray rice




    choice for the w/t

    thanks in advance


    • League 1)
      Jets DEF is actually worse against the pass than the Bills. Also, I trust Schaub more than Palmer. Could be fun watching TO get his revenge though. Schaubs my pick

      I’d probably go with Mike Williams and Steven Jackson this week at W/T and W/R. Manningham does have the advantage that S. Smith is out til probably December, but I think based on matchups, Williams and Jackson are your best bets. If you want to put manningham in, its only a small gamble, and S. Jackson would be the person I replace. ATL is a decent rush defense.

      League 2)
      Definitely liking your second team. Toss up between Garcon and Colston for me. Garcon and the Colts are going up against a pretty rough secondary in NE, but they held their own again PIT last week. Colston has a great matchup, and there could be lots of yardage in this matchup. I think that I’d run with Colston.


  4. Brian

    I was in a bit of a east bound and down mood when I named my teams. One team is la flama blanca and the other is Ashley Shaeffer BMW. They went 1-1 this weekend. I trusted my gut and went with Bowe when he was on just about everybodys sit list and I also took your advice about Mike Williams(Sea) who had a big game. That team is now sitting at 9-1.

    La flama blanca is at 5-5 and I need to get a win this week to keep playoff hopes alive. Is Ronnie Brown a start this week? I usually play him at flex. My other options are Bess, Crabtree, Driver, or Lance Moore. Also at qb, Orton or Ryan? Thanks for the help.

    • I dont really like MIA this week. Offensive line is hurt. Starting a 3rd string QB. All the pressure will be on the run game, against a defense that is capable of stopping the run. I’d opt to sit him this week. Bess could be a wild card, but is a hell of a gamble with the new QB. Crabtrees got a rough matchup and I say sit him. Driver is out. Leaving us with Lance Moore. Very up and down. Every season. But this is a great matchup against SEA, who is giving up 270+ per game. He’s risky, but could put up some numbers this week. At 5-5 it might be time to start taking the risks.
      QB is another tough call. SD is the second best defending the pass. But on the other hand, all Orton does is throw it. He’s been very good this year and will likely continue that this week. Ryan has a much better matchup and is probably the more reliable choice here. Great week last week against a tough DEF, so I’d throw him in.


  5. Rossen

    Solid effort – Week 10 came down to the wire but I prevailed. Yeah!!

    Now it gets tougher this week so I could use some advice.

    3 part question – Thanks for the tips as always. I have already spread the word to a lot of people about you guys.

    QB question – V. Young or T. Thigpen? I picked up Tyler Thigpen and have V. Young in the starting lineup. I think Young will have a better day with the Washington D than Thigpen will with Chicago’s D, what do you think?

    RB question – pick 2 / L. Blount, Green-Ellis or F. Jackson?

    Flex Play question – Baby James, J. Gaffney, M. Bush, D. Branch, or Jacoby Ford? I’m thinking of rolling with Baby James who will continue to get goal line touches.

    • Congrats. I’m here to help.

      I’ve got to agree that Thigpen is a hell of a risk, but for some reason he is one of those guys who is a better fantasy QB than a real life one. At 220 yards per game, CHI can be thrown on, but 14 INTS, 14 Fumbles, and MIA missing Jake Long, I dont like Thigpen this week. Young should get the go ahead in this game. He practiced full yesterday and should be ready to roll against the crappy WAS pass defense.

      RBs – Indy is giving up 133 on the ground, and Ellis is coming off a great game. I say he should go for you. Blount is matched up against a DEF giving up only 100 per game, and Jackson is playing the 115 ypg CIN defense. If Jackson continues to see the number of carries he got last week, he should be a decent play against CIN. Blount is probably more consistent for you though, as he has been performing at a high level each week.

      Flex- James has been scoring, but I have to worry about such a limited number of touches. Its not a guarantee that they will get goal line stances every week. If they do, James is a great play, but that is a hell of a risk to take. That being said.. I dont much care for your other choices at flex. Gaffney continues to be muddled in the mess of DEN WRs. Bush is seeing little to nothing again with McFadden back. Branch has his ups and downs, and is against a decent defense. Ford has dynamic return abilities, so if you play return yards, it might be worth it to throw him in there. Javarris James is a risk, but if you arent a return yardage league, he’s likely your best bet.

      Thanks for spreading the work and checking us out. Keep it up! Please!


  6. jayhawk4life59

    Well Benching bowe lost me the game, Now at 5-5. Team Name “Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe” (think wizard of oz). Benson screwed the pooch and so did cardinals D. And went with my gut and started F.Jackson as Flex instead of M. Willaims(TB). And wayne and garcon are pissin me off lately.

    Anyways pick 2 – Bowe, wayne, Willams(TB), Garcon
    Pick 2 – Gore, Benson, BJGE, F.Jackson, P. Thomas(IF even active)
    Pick 1 WR/RB – best of whats left above.

    • I’d run with Bowe and Wayne at WR this week.
      Gore is going to have his best week of the season. Then throw Benson at your second slot as he is playing the leagues worst rush DEF.
      I’d probably opt for BJGE at flex. Garcon has a nice matchup, and Williams tends to be pretty good each week. But BJGE is coming off a great week against a great DEF, and is now facing the IND defense that is giving up 133 a week on the ground.

      I think youve got this week down pat. I wouldnt want to be the one facing this lineup with these great matchups.


  7. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    I get annoyed when people string out their roster over a length of ten inches on this blog. I guess you do have good advice. Ironic though because I’m about to do the same thing, first my question- Should I drop any of the players on my roster for the return of Vincent Jackson? Team name Dirt Me’gurt: Michael Vick, Ben Roethlisberger (sat on him since week one using Flacco as first option for a while), Calvin Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Miles Austin, Mike Williams (TB), Mike Thomas, Adrian Peterson, Peyton Hillis, LeGarrette Blount, Danny Woodhead, Jacob Tamme, and Aaron Hernandez.
    My best though would be to give up Woodhead, Blount, Hernandez, or Thomas. Duh, right? Non of which are top end guy like the others.

  8. Tyson

    Broke my losing streak this week with a 13-pt victory over one of my league’s best teams and a personal best in scoring! Most of my players came through except for Ward (I know, not his fault), Benson, and Folk. Felt REALLY stupid for not playing Moreno, but I honestly didn’t think the Broncos had it in them (and I’m a blue-and-orange-bleeding Bronco fan!).

    So team Squirrely Wrath is 4-6 now, but thanks to some interesting games, so is half my league! I’m still at the bottom, but a couple of wins could squeak me into the playoffs after all, so these final couple of weeks are crucial. I’m projected to win this next one by 22 pts, but my opponent has been on a hot streak lately, winning his last 4 games. So here are my questions and roster…

    QB: Still rolling with Roeth

    WR: D. Bryant, Amendola, Holmes, Ward, Branch, J. Jones, Woodhead
    I really like the matchups for Bryant and Holmes this week, and Amendola has proven his worth since I traded for him (remember, I get 0.5 PPR and points for returns). Thinking of sitting Ward, even though he’s probably going to play. If Driver is still out, is Jones worth a start? What about Branch with a renewed Pats offense?

    RB: Benson, Moreno, Blount, Woodhead
    Gotta love Benson in Buffalo! Can Moreno have another big game, or will it be a passing shoot-out between Orton and Rivers? Not sure what to think of the matchups for Blount and Woodhead.

    TE: Tamme, Heap
    A no-brainer unless Tamme is still hurt. (Thanks for the advice on the Heap p/u.) Only wrinkle is that my opponent is playing Flacco, if you think that makes any difference.

    K: Dropped Folk for Cundiff. This may be football, but I still think 3 strikes = you’re OUT!

    D/ST: Tennessee; Available: ARI, WAS, SD, CLE, JAX, MIA
    Anyone here worth a p/u this week?

    Thanks, as always, for the outstanding advice, encouragement, and just general awesomeness!

    • Tyson

      Ugh! I hate myself for asking this. BUT…

      IF I manage to make the playoffs (big IF, I know), Keiland Williams looks like he could make a big splash. I know he is currently 3rd in a crowded back-field, but he seems to have been playing well lately and the REdskins have some nice matchups for RBs in the playoff weeks (TB, DAL, JAX). Is he worth a speculative pick-up? If so, who should I drop? Jones? Branch? Woodhead? (Or someone else?)

      • if you are picking him up, its really just to solidify your bench. So its definitely a no harm/no foul pick up. I’d drop Woodhead, or maybe branch. Chances of you starting either of them for the rest of the year is pretty slim.

    • WR- I agree that Bryant Amendola and Holmes are probably best here. Ward was a let down and OAK is great against the pass. J Jones could be a good play again this week, but I dont think the matchup is as strong as you have it elsewhere.

      RB- Benson is a fantastic matchup. I think the SD/DEN game is going to be a shootout like you mentioned. SD is only letting up 90 yards on the ground anyways. I’m not a Woodhead fan, but the matchup is an interesting one. Blounts matchup is a bit harder, but he has been consistent since he got the starting job. If TB can establish a run game, they should be golden. I’d go Benson and Blount.

      TE- Agree with you there. Just check the injury status.

      K- Folk suffered the same fate for my team. I think you can do better than Cundiff though. (I have a prejudice against ex-Cowboys)

      D- MIA could manage a whole lot of sacks this week, but it could also be a blowout against them. I’d keep TEN, good matchup against Washington this week. Expect big things.

      Best of luck. Thank for liking me. I feel special. Spread the word!



    A lot help this week…
    Need 1 WR/ 1 Flex: Woodhead, Sims-Walker, Garcon, Nate Washington or Mike Williams(SEA)?

    Need 2 @ WR: Hines Ward, Wes Welker, Mike Williams(TB)or Mike Williams(SEA)?

    2 More @ WR: B. Marshall, Mike Williams(SEA), Nate Washington or Ste Smith (CAR)?

    Vince Young or Garrard @ QB?


    • 1) I say go with Nate Washington (a bit of a gamble, but I like his matchup) and Garcon. Garcon has a nice matchup as well, and should see more production as Manning will be throwing all day against NE.

      2) Williams (TB) and Hines Ward. Williams was an easy call. the other three arent the best options in the world. All three have very tough matchups, Ward is going up against a strong OAK defense, but if Roeth looks for him, Ward should see some production.

      3) Marshall and Washington. Marshall has a tough matchup tonight, and is playing with a backup QB, but he is a very talented receiver. Its time for him to start earning his money.

      Young has a great matchup against WAS this week, so I say go for it. He practiced in full yesterday and should be ready to go.


  10. bmoney

    Start any 3 this week:

    S Greene, S Johnson, concussed H Ward, ‘hawk Mike Williams, Burleson, McGahee

    • I’d go with S. Johnson, Greene, and Burleson this week.
      None of them really jump out at me, but Ward’s matchup isnt great, plus he’ll play hurt. Williams has a terrible matchup, and McGahee does have decent sleeper status, but Rice will likely see 80% of the love this weekend.


  11. Allan Basso

    Team name: Uaaaatchi!

    Got a win last week and still in second place, trying to secure a playoff spot.

    My team this week (and bench).
    No PPR.

    Freeman (Schaub)
    Austin, Garcon, Harvin (Woodhead, Anthony Washington)
    Benson, Woodhead (Forte, Torain, P. Thomas)
    Kicker (need to pick one)
    Pitt Def

    Would you make any changes at WR and RB?
    Any suggestions for a kicker?
    We are a 14-team league, so not many options available.


    • Allan Basso

      I missed Johnny Knox on the waivers but got Malcom Floyd.
      So dropped Anthony Washington for a kicker (Succop).
      and I forgot to mention Blount on my roster.

      Besides the decision I have to make at WR and RB I was thinking about dropping Torain for Kitna as a plug and play QB and next week dropping Kitna for Romo as a possible playoff surprise.
      As a Cowboys fan, what do you think about that?

      • I think that the coaching shuffle in Dallas is definitely helpful for Cowboy fantasy owners. Kitna will have a good week against the Lions. In a couple leagues I have already gone out and picked up Romo. I already have Rivers starting, so the likelihood of me playing him is pretty small. But its a great move defensively at least so that no one else can get a top 5 QB when he comes back healthy and ready to go.

    • I’ve got Schaub and Freeman pretty damn close this week, so go with the gut on this one.
      Agree at WR
      I would have recommended Forte over Woodhead and would hope that after reading my CHI/MIA column you made the switch. If not, this is likely your best bet.
      Kicker is tough to just pick at random. Bryant, Tynes, Succop, Prater would be close to the top for me. Just pick a team that you think will either win by a large margin, or has a chance to get stuck in the red zone.


      • Allan Basso


        I didn´t see your other column so I missed on Forte.
        I guess Blount would be a safer bet for something like 8 pts, and Wood head has a higher ceiling but more chance of disappointing.

        Concerning WRs, I am gonna switch Garcon for Malcom Floyd.
        How´s that sound?

      • yeah definitely. collie could very well come back this week, making garcon less of a factor. make the switch

  12. Ryan

    1 Point per reception league –

    Need to choose between –
    Joe Flacco and Jon Kitna

    and I also need to choose between –
    Fred jackson vs CIN
    darren mcfadden vs PIT

    • I’m flip-flopping like hell with Kitna this year, but I buy him this week. Good matchup and they looked legit last week.

      PIT’s defense gives up half as many yards as the Bengals. Based on that stat, you have to roll with jackson. Gut instinct makes it hard to vote against McFadden, and PIT has been suffering a little with the loss of Smith on defensive line, but I think Jackson is a safer bet here.


  13. ShAd0wS

    Down 41 points going into monday night football with one player left, fortunately that player was Michael Vick. Opponent was pissed. I have 3 games left and am playing 3 of the bottom 4 teams in the league to round out the season, so unless things go horribly wrong The ManBearPigs (5-4) are going to the playoffs in the 3-5 seed range.

    Anyways, this week I have some pretty tough calls. Fun fact: out of my 18 player draft I currently only have 6 of those players still around, and only 2 as starters.
    .5 PPR
    QB: Vick / Brees
    WR (3): Harvin, Marshall, S.Moss, Knox, Breaston, Crabtree
    RB (2): AP, F.Jackson, R.Torain, K.Williams, BJGE, Blount.
    TE: Keller
    K: Kaeding
    D/ST: Baltimore

    Currently I’m going with Vick, Harvin, Knox, Crabtree, AP, Jackson, but my WR situation is pretty tough to call. I’m getting tired of Marshall not producing, and don’t expect that to change with Thigpen under center.

    Oh, and also, I’m looking to upgrade at WR and have 2 of the best QBs, so I’m considering offering a guy with Roeth/Cutler and Holmes,Boldin,S.Smith(NYG), Wallace, and Roddy White something along the lines of Brees + (Breaston, Knox, or Crabtree) for Roeth + Wallace. Thoughts?

    • ShAd0wS

      Oh, and also I’m considering switching it up at tight end: Is is worth it to drop Keller, or maybe one of my backup rbs/wrs for any of the following available TE’s?
      R.Gronkowski,J.Gresham, B.Watson, K.Boss, Olsen, Shockey

    • This is what I love about team names.. how great would the NFL be if the people of the city were allowed to vote for the name. I’d cheer for the Seattle ManBearPigs.

      Hard to sit Vick after last weeks numbers, I’ve only got 2 people above him on my list this week, and Brees is one of them. Great matchup for NO.
      Harvin Knox Crabtree is probably your safest bet. I have Crabtree pretty low though with a tough matchup and inexperienced QB.
      AP and BJGE at RB.

      Youre in a league that allows trades this late? Hmm.. OK, Thats a doable trade I think. Check around the league though and you could maybe find someone who is hurting even more at QB.

  14. Phillip

    Whats Up guys!

    Team “ROMOSEXUALITY” is now 6-4…and although i am in 6th place in my league (6-team playoffs) my most important match will be this week against the 7th place other 6-4 team. In order to clinch my spot I have to…HAVE TO! win this match. i have a list of 5 WR’s and need 3…(Gaffney vs. SD, Ward vs. OAK, Colston vs. SEA, Mike Thomas vs. CLE, and S. Johnson vs CIN) what do i do?!

    By the way i picked up Tim Hightower and Jerome Harrison (I have McCoy) off waivers last night…are either of them worth keeping?

    • Hightower is hot and cold. I dont think Harrison is worth it though.

      At WR, I’d go with Colston, Thomas and Johnson. Ward has a tough matchup and an injury, so likely to not produce. Gaffney has an even worse matchup and isnt doing much anyways.


    Should I drop Beanie and grab Hightower?

    • Wells is still the starter, but I think that any ARI RB is pretty much a bust this season. I’d look for something new on waivers. Keiland Williams is an up and comer and could take over eventually, Felix Jones just took a huge bump in this offense and is worth considering, and Tolbert might be available and a good play since Mathews will likely see limited time.

  16. Scotty

    Thanks for the help last week. Ended up killing because of Vick. My team name is Chinchilla Killa and sitting at 5-5. Just two quick questions for this week and would appreciate your opinion on them. 10 team standard scoring league.
    WR 1 – Calvin Johnson
    WR 2 – ?
    Options – B. Marshall, Nate Washington, Mike Williams (SEA), Crabtree.

    Also next week Vincent Jackson comes back. This is a little early of a question but is he an automatic start over those receivers listed above?

    • Nate Washington gets my pick. Nice matchup, and last week I commented on how much better he’ll be with Moss. Should be good to see.

      V Jackson is a complete gamble next week. I’d assume that he will get some looks as SD loves to throw the ball. I just question what kind of shape he is in and how well he is going to sync with Rivers. First week back he is pretty iffy, especially with a tough matchup against the Colts.

  17. monnone

    I will have to say thank you for the advice of playing Nate Washington over Brandon Marshall. I won my game 191.78 to 191.58. If I played Marshall I would be in 4th place at 6-4 while he would be 8-2. Now I am in first at 7-3 in front of 3 others at 7-3. that was probably the most important decision I have made this season lol. Now another big decision against another 7-3 team.

    QB Kyle Orton
    WR Brandon Lloyd
    WR Anquan Boldin
    RB Frank Gore
    RB Ray Rice
    TE Antonio Gates
    K Dan Carpenter
    DEf Green Bay

    All my other position are solid starters. Should I start Brandon Marshall, Nate Washington or Mike Thomas?

    Thank You
    Mark Monnone

    • Congrats man. Benching Marshall was a big gamble, but luckily it paid off. Everyone loves a .20 win.

      I’d roll with Washington again on this one. Good matchups. V Young is back in the saddle. Thomas has a nice little matchup too, but its hard to say yes to him.
      Rest of the lineup looks great. Sorry about Carpenter though. I got nothing out of him in one of my leagues too.

  18. Zach

    Can you help me with my lineup?

    My roster is:
    Aaron Rodgers
    Ben Roethlesberger
    Brandon Lloyd
    Andre Johnson
    Mike Wallace
    Devone Bess
    Jamaal Charles
    LeGarrette Blount
    BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    Joseph Addai
    Jacob Tamme
    Aaron Hernandez
    Nick Folk
    Tennessee Defense


    I have a pretty good idea of who I will start but always love your advice. I’m holding strong in 2nd at 7-3. 1st is undefeated and there are a ton of teams at 6-4. As always, thanks for the advice and i’m spreading the word about your site.


    • Of course I can. I’d go with

      RB- BJGE
      TE- Tamme
      W/T- Johnson
      W/R- Wallace

      I’m hoping you have a typo and you have two WR slots. That way you can throw Wallace in at WR, and bump LT to W/R.
      If not, this is pretty solid. LT has a relatively tough matchup against HOU, even though they are on a nasty slide. Wallace’s matchup is also not a great one, but Roeth only has so many targets to throw to, and Wallace is by far his favorite. Hope it works, best of luck.


  19. cgi

    McCoy led me to a 4pt win (7-3) and sitting in 3rd place. Even tho MN DEF do that great last week, I’m glad I didn’t roll with PIT.

    Pick 3 WR and a TE for this week:
    Williams (SEA)


    Also, I have McCoy & Mendy in my lineup, but do I gamble with F.Jax over McCoy this week?

    • WR- Nicks, Floyd, Holmes (its hard to pass up on Garcon, I want him to have a great game this week, its just that the other matchups are better. I think each of these players besides Williams has a great chance to put up big numbers this week.)
      Keller is a good play at TE, just hope he gets the looks he deserves.

      Its debatable. And my gut is going back and forth. I think that Philly will have to rely on Vick and the WRs to beat the Giants this week. However, with McCoy’s ability to catch out of the backfield, he is a good option as a drop down look for Vick if he is heavily rushed. McCoy is a great RB, and much more consistent than Jackson, so I’d stick with him. He led you to victory last week, and hopefully will be a major contributor this week as well.


  20. Wayne

    WHAT up GHL! So I have one team with Michael Vick that is 3-7. If I win out before the playoffs, I go 7-7, and might make the playoffs! I have another team that is 6-4 on a 4 week win streak due to advice received in this column! Thanks. My team name is always the same, NonTangerePotestis. It is Latin for You can’t touch this. I am a Latin Teacher, so that explains that.

  21. Raj Pillai

    Hey guys,

    Won in one league and lost in the second despite scoring the 2nd most points in the league for the week. Too bad I was going against the highest scorer who rode vicks coat tails to glory. Anyways got a couple questions for one of the leagues.

    Need 2 WR- Percy Harvin, Pierre Garcon, or Terrell Owens

    Jacob Tamme or Vernon Davis?

    Oh and the name is Raj’s Revenge, nothing to fancy but it’s working pretty well as I’m in first with a 9-1 record in my main league. Lets hope I can keep it up!

    • I’d go with Garcon and Owens. Owens and Harvin would be a good play, I just dont trust all the inconsistencies in MIN right now. Garcon has a nice looking matchup and hopefully he’ll be on the same page as Manning this week.

      Everyone is falling in love with Tamme and for good reason. He is second on my chart this week. But V Davis is number one. New QBs love their TEs and Davis is one of the best in the league. Play him with confidence.

      Congrats on the record man. Very impressive. Good luck.


  22. James

    Super deep league, who should I start in my last flex position: Woodhead, Lynch, Burleson, or Driver/Jones (depending on start)?

    Also, Winslow or Gronkowski at TE? I have Gates/McMichael for the other spot.


    • Woodhead is probably the most reliable. He’s been seeing a good amount of activity every week. Lynch’s matchup isnt that bad, but they will be keying in on him, and he’s splitting carries. Burleson is facing the newly revamped Cowboys who are coming off a very impressive showing in New York. Driver/Jones is an interesting call.
      If Driver starts, dont play either of them. If Driver is out, play Jones.

      Winslow at TE. Gronkowski had a fantastic week, but the only reason they played him is because of his blocking ability. Do not expect the same performance every week. Only play him if they are against a team with a great pass rush.

      • James

        You don’t like Gronkowski’s matchup against the Freeney/Mathis duo for the Colts? I know IND has been stingy with opposing TE PPG, but Gresham rattled off a decent effort last week and it’s well-documented that the Pats are content with short dumpoffs like they used to be pre-Randy Moss.

        The only reason I bring it back up is because it’s really hard for me to be confident in the other TE I own who has severely underproduced this season (Winslow).

      • It its definitely worth the shot as long as you are aware that it is a huge gamble. I just think that after a 3 TD performance, if Gronkowski is in the game, the Colts will be paying close attention to them. And they have the LBs and Safeties to matchup well against him.
        I agree that Winslow is underperforming, which makes the risk a little more worthwhile. But there is a chance that he will fall back into his regular blocking role and Hernandez will get his turn.

  23. Loser

    Should I keep Keller at TE or go with Todd Heap this weekend?

    Also, NO or Ravens Def?


    • I’d go with Heap this weekend. Keller isnt seeing the production that I wanted, and Heap is on a nice little streak.

      Both defenses seem to be pretty good plays this week. Nice matchups for both. But for some reason neither of them are putting up huge fantasy points. Because I think the Ravens can shutout Carolina, I’d go with them.


  24. Raj

    One more question guys –

    Should I start BenJarvus Green-Ellis or Barandon Lloyd in my flex spot this week? This is in a PPR league. Thanks!

  25. James

    Would you rather claim Beanie Wells or Jason Snelling off the waiver wire?

    Also, would you drop Marshawn Lynch to pick either of them up?

    • Would I rather have a terrible starter or an inconsistent backup? not the best situation. Since Wells is a starter, I’d go with him.

      Lynch isnt having the effect that I hoped he would have with SEA, but I still think he is a stronger play than either of these two depending on matchup.

  26. strag

    I’ve got 3 good QB’s. Who do you think will have the best game this week?

    tom brady
    matt ryan
    david garrard

    I’ve also got 3 TE’s but at this point, only 2 are an option for this week (after last week Hernandez seems like a risk)sooo

    Todd Heap
    brandon Pettigrew

    • After seeing what Brady was able to do against a solid PIT defense, I have to have him higher than the others. Ryan has a better matchup though, and could be throwing a lot. I still have Brady though as a good play, just hope they stick to a similar game plan as last week.

      I’ve got Heap ahead of Pettigrew. Better player, better matchup.


  27. Sanders

    In a PPR league, I am now 4-6. I hoping to win more the playoffs. So, I need some help.
    QB Michael Vick
    WR Mike Wallace
    Mike Williams TB
    Percy Harvin
    Mario Manningham

    RB Darren McFadden
    LeGarrette Blount
    Matt Forte
    Cedric Benson
    Keiland Williams
    Clinton Portis

    TE Brandon Pettigrew
    Todd Heap

    K Dan Carpenter

    Def Atlanta

    I starting Forte tonight with your advice. I got players that could do well or can flounder with the match ups.

    • Not sure how many you start, so I’ll just list them in order of how I think theyll do

      QB – Vick, obviously
      WR – 1) Williams 2) Manningham 3) Wallace 4) Harvin
      RB – Already played Forte (nice work) 1) Benson 2) Blount 3) Williams 4) McFadden
      TE – Heap over Pettigrew
      K – sorry about Carpenter, nothing at all.
      DEF – ATL

      good luck to you. Hope its pans out. Forte/Benson is a great combo at RB and should do a ton of damage.

  28. Ratcliffe2005

    I’ve 4 losses in the last two weeks… Not doing so well. Considering these next weeks must wins.

    Outa the 3 which 2: Hillis, Foster, Charles.

    Need 3 WRs: Nicks, Maclin, N. Washington, A. Collie, H. Ward, K. Britt
    (Not PPR)

    Need 3 WRs: C. Johnson, M. Williams (TB), S. Moss, R. Moss, M. Thomas, D. Woodhead.

    • All three should have nice games. No doubt Foster has the toughest matchup, but its really damn hard to sit the best RB in football.
      I’d go Hillis and Foster. But it might be worth flipping a coin between Foster and Charles.

      WR- Nicks, Maclin, Washington. I’m not sure yet if Collie is completely certain to play in the game against NE. Check on that.

      C Johnson, Williams and R Moss for your other team.

      • Ratcliffe2005

        What if Williams is a no go do the DUI? whose the next starter.

        Thanks for the Help. I hear you on that coin flip as I had Charles + Foster in for the first half of the week, then decided to put in Hillis right after I posted that question.

  29. BWYATT

    Well I’m back after trying things on my own, but i am in desperate need of some good advice this week since my roster has been plagued by injury.
    As of right now here is my starting roster but I am open to suggestion.

    QB: Orton
    WR: Roddy White (must start)
    WR: Knox (Played Thur)
    WR: Danny Woodhead (wr/rb)
    RB: Gore
    RB: A. Bradshaw
    TE: Witten
    Flex: Reggie Bush

    QB: Josh Freeman, David Garrard
    WR: Nate Washington, Mike Sims-Walker(Q), and Austin Collie(Q)
    RB: Shonn Greene

    My team name is ANDIAM0 (Lets Go in Italian and also And I Am 0)
    After starting 4-2 and holding the overall pts lead for 8 weeks, i’m now 4-5-1 and I am 2nd in pts and only behind 20 of the leader, I have lost 3 times while scoring the 2nd most pts in the league that given week… just been so f-ed. Romo-Out, Collie-out last 4 weeks… need to win atleast 1-2 over the next 3 weeks to make the playoffs. HELP!

    • there is a good chance that collie will play this week. against the 30th worst pass defense in the league.

      if you dont want to make the gamble on him playing this week. washington is a good pick this week. nice matchup and has a good chance to perform. replace woodhead with either of these guys.

  30. Jsph_vsqz

    This is my team
    WR Austin s. Johnson j.ford p.crayton leggedu
    Not sure who to start I’m pretty sure to start Austin but other than that totally lost
    TE shiancoe or Pettigrew
    1 flex spot left I got Charles on one that I’m sure of but the other one I don’t know between any of those wrs and I also have sneeling on the bench and ap starting rb. I play in a ppr league and my team name is HE HATE ME!
    Lost on all of this so any help is appreciated

    • pettigrew over shiancoe.

      austin johnson and crayton at WR. if you are points per return, which i suspect you are, you might want to throw ford in over crayton since floyd is back for SD.

      hopefully this answers everything you need.


  31. MIt

    Freeman, Kitna or Cassel??? Is ROmo playing this week?

    Def- Jets or Cheifs?

    RB– Blount or Goodson?

    Anyone worth picking up? just couple of names?


  32. Stephanie

    Who wouold you start at RB this week.

    I have:
    Ray Rice, Reggie Bush, Mike Tolbert, Thomas Jones, Jahvid Best and Felix Jones. (Need two)

    I am considering Ray Rice and Thomas Jones or Felix Jones

    My WR are
    Desean Jackson, Steve Johnson, BRandon Lloyd, Miles Austin and Percy Harvin

    I am thinking Desean Jackson, BRandon Lloyd and Miles Austin this week. (Need Three)

    Would like your thoughts pls.

  33. Ratcliffe2005

    Have to boo the R. Moss over S. Moss, N. Washington, D. Woodhead, and M. Thomas pick. Any of the others would’ve given a minimum 9 pts, R. Moss good for 0.

  34. Allan

    Which WR should I start: Boldin Vs TB, Maclin VS CHI, James Jones VS ATL, Steve breaston VS, Piere Garcon VS SD and Which TE has a better match up Heap VS TB or Pettigrew VS NE??? Thanks for the advice

    • I think Boldin/Maclin are your best bets here. If you need a third, i’d opt for james jones. jennings has been getting a lot of love, but a #2 could get some great numbers against ATL. Garcon has a tough matchup this week, which is why I have him lower.

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