Mid-ish Season Fantasy Awards

We’re entering the 11th week of the NFL, and the year has been full of surprises, especially for fantasy owners. The inconsistency of performances, a devastating amount of key player injuries, and sheer number of sleepers emerging every week has provided for one hell of a fantasy season. And in seasons like this, the true knowledge of a fantasy owner is shown and rewarded. In a season so offensively driven, the best teams on paper are holding sub-par records. So, as the season winds to a close, its time to start thinking about the awards.

All awards on the list are made from a Standard scoring format that includes PPR.

Fantasy MVPs

  • Quarterback: Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, Kyle Orton
  • Wide Receiver: Roddy White, Hakeem Nicks, Terrell Owens
  • Running Back: Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson, Peyton Hillis
  • Tight End: Antonio Gates, Jason Witten, Marcedes Lewis
  • Overall Fantasy MVP: Arian Foster- In PPR Formats, Arian Foster is 20 points ahead of the second leading scorer for RBs this season. 920 yards rushing is the highest in the NFL, 11 TDs is the highest in the NFL, and 33 receptions for over 300 yards isnt too shabby either for a player whose average draft was in the 8th round at pick 75. The greatest fantasy player in the NFL was only drafted in 67% of leagues. Any other season, Roddy White’s 70 rec/934 yds/7 TD performance would take the cake, but its hard to argue with Foster’s dominance this season.

Fantasy Overachievers

  • Kyle Orton (Average pick: 131.7, Average Round: 14th, 176 fantasy points) – Orton is completing 62% of his 350 passes, with 8 yards per pass. He is second only to Rivers in yardage and yards per game. For a 14th rounder, its hard to ask for more.
  • Terrell Owens (Average pick: 91.5, Average Round: 10th, 140 fantasy points) – 3rd in the NFL in receptions and yardage, 7 TDs, Owens was avoided by many fantasy owners and was looking to be circling the drain. If this season isn’t evidence enough for a Hall of Fame bid, I dont know what is.
  • Peyton Hillis (Average pick: 84.9, Average Round: 10th, 124 fantasy points) – Hillis was undrafted in a surprising amount of leagues. 726 yards and 8 TDs later, Hillis was a Free Agency steal and has proved to be the only dominating presence on the lowly Browns.
  • Honorable Mention: Mike Williams, TB – I couldn’t even find the draft data for Williams, meaning that he wasnt even in the t0p 50 WRs drafted this season. He’s put up 40 catches for 627 yards and 5 scores, accumulating 93 fantasy points.
  • Honorable Mention II: Ahmad Bradshaw (Average pick: 98.4, Average Round: 10th) – Bradshaw’s 838 yards is tied for 3rd in the NFL with Chris Johnson.

Fantasy Underachievers

  • Ryan Mathews (Average pick: 11.9, Average Round: 1st) – Touted as a Rookie of the Year candidate before the season began, everyone expected Mathews to take over where LT left off. A few injuries have put a damper on his performance, but 382 yards for only 2 TDs/3 Fumbles is not a great showing for a #1. He is ranked 42nd in fantasy point by a running back, behind 2 other Charger RBs.
  • Shonne Greene (Average pick: 14.4, Average Round, 2nd) – The Jets were the best rushing offense in the NFL last season, how could Greene possibly not be a steal at pick 14? Because it was apparently T. Jones doing all the work. And once again, Greene is being overshadowed by a Jets RBs, but more on him later. 463 yards and only 1 TD, Greene is 51st in RB fantasy ranking with just 31 points.
  • Brandon Marshall (Average pick: 22.0, Average Round: 2nd) – 55 rec for 652 yards isnt bad. But, come on, we all expected more. Marshall was coming off 3 consecutive 100+ reception seasons, with over 1100 yards in all three. The most shocking statistic: 1 touchdown. The 6th receiver chosen in the draft is only the 22nd in production this season.

Fantasy Comeback Player of the Year

  • Could it be anyone besides LaDainian Tomlinson? Average pick: 103, Average Round: 11th – LT is back. 9th best among RBs with 100 points. 656 yards and 5 TDs. He is 80 yards away from eclipsing his yardage total for last year, but won’t likely approach his TDs. His points total will prove similar to his from last season, but he was counted out by many as a washed up veteran backup.

Fantasy Rookie of the Year

  • Dez Bryant (Average pick: 93.4, Average Round: 10th) – Bryant ranks 12th in fantasy points among WRs with 104. 41 receptions, 539 yards, 5 rec TDs and 2 return TDs. He’ll be overlooked as NFL rookie of the year, but those who were lucky enough to pick him up in the draft or free agency have a legitimate starting receiver every week.



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