Week 12 Wrap-Up — Week 13 Advice Time

Alright. I missed the majority of last week, so lets get an early start on week 13.

Guess who went out and stole Joel Dreessen and Ben Obomanu-Kenobi. This guy.

As long as Owen Daniels and Mike Williams are out, I think it is fairly safe to get on these guys quick if you have underperformers or injuries in your lineup. Other good adds are Kevin Boss at TE and Manningham/Hagan at WR for the Giants as long as Nicks and Smith are still sidelined. Might also be safe to grab Toby Gerhart while you still can just in case AP’s injury keeps him out.

Injury reports and good pickups will keep coming throughout the week.

Go ahead and post any questions you have for upcoming week 13. Trades, Pick-Ups, Lineup changes, Start’em Sit’em, Pick’em and general NFL questions are always welcome. As always we ask you to pimp us on your facebook and twitter to get some new followers.

And just an added question for everyone. If there is anything you would like to see from this site, any additions, subtractions, subject matter that you can’t find anywhere else, go ahead and let me know!

Thanks everyone. And keep those questions coming.



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63 responses to “Week 12 Wrap-Up — Week 13 Advice Time

  1. Jack

    Romo – worth picking up and sitting for a few weeks? Think he’s going to play again? I need a Schaub replacement.. He just isnt producing the numbers (or even close to those numbers) from last season..


  2. I think its probably smart. When Wade Philips was the coach, he said that even if Romo was healthy, he wouldn’t play. I do not think that this is the case with Jason Garrett. There is a fire in the Cowboys since he started coaching, and (fingers crossed) there is still the smallest outside chance that the Cowboys can make the playoffs if they win out.

    As long as there is a chance to extend the season, Romo will play when he is healthy. I think regardless of the record, Romo will start in 2-3 weeks.. right when fantasy playoff season begins.

    I picked him up in a couple leagues, I will see whether or not I start him when the time comes, but I think it is a good defensive move to keep him off of competitors’ rosters.

    I vote pick him up. He was a top 5 drafted fantasy QB at the beginning of the season, and I think he will pick up right where he left off.

  3. Allan Basso

    Lost again this week.

    I’m third, tied with 3 others guys at 7-5 and there are 5 other at 6-6.
    Meaning I have to win this week.

    So, there go the questions:
    Schaub or Freeman (any good waiver pickup?)
    Austin, Garcon, Harvin, Woodhead and Floyd – pick 3.
    Forte, Blount, Woodhead, Thomas and Benson – pick 3 (any good pickups? – Car RBs maybe?)
    Defense – any good pickup? (i got Pit).

    My opponent has Rodgers, so I’m screwed at QB. praying for a low score game at BAL. If that happens, I’m all good.

    • Allan Basso

      Ok, so I got some waiver wire gamble.

      Dropped Pierre Thomas and my second TE (Gates is the starter), and got Obomanu and Gerhart.

      Now I have 6 options for 3 WR and 5 options for 2 RB.
      I fell like good options but not great. I have to decide wisely.
      Your thoughts are appreciated.

      WR – Austin, Garcon, Harvin, Woodhead, Floyd, Obomanu
      RB – Forte, Benson, Gerhart, Blount, Woodhead

    • I’ve got Freeman over Schaub this week.

      Austin Garcon and Floyd at WR

      Forte, Thomas and Blount probably the best bets at RB. Westbrook is a good pickup, but not a good play. I’d also jump on Gerhart, just in case AP is out or limited this week. MIN has a fantastic matchup.

      Defense I think is pretty solid with PIT, I just posted my rankings, and there are some good teams up top that are likely available if you need to change. SEA, DET, NE are among them.

  4. Tyson

    Quick double recap (since you were out last week). My players caught fire week 11 and racked up 172 points (league single-game best this season)! The only line-up mistake was playing Blount over Moreno. This last weekend I took on the league leader and thought I had lost. Only got a couple points off return yards from Bryant, K. Williams was a total bust, and Big Ben didn’t throw a TD. But as you saw in you previous thread, Rivers hooked me up (or rather, the SD defense did), so I am now the proud owner of a 3-game winning streak!

    I am 6-6. Actually, SEVEN of the 12 teams in my league are 6-6! Basically, if I win this week, I’m in the playoffs. My league reeks of parity, so I’m not even worried about seeding, I just want to make it in! I’m playing a guy who has racked up good points lately (he has Vick, Foster, and J. Charles), so I have absolutely NO margin for error. I’m going to spell out my full breakdown, with my proposed starters listed first. Your sage wisdom is greatly appreciated!

    QB: Roethlisberger
    Should I be worried about his foot? If he can’t go, should I pick up Kitna, Hasselbeck, Henne, or (gulp) Favre?

    WR: Bryant, Holmes, Amendola, Ward, Woodhead
    Amendola has been pure gold for me. Even without TDs, his return yards and short catches are enough to get me close to 20 pts. Unfortunately, I dropped Branch right before he decided to have a big game. He’s still available, should I pick him up? (I can’t honestly see where I’d play him though.)

    RB: Moreno, Woodhead, Benson, K. Williams, Blount
    Need the most help on this one. So many tough matchups here! Other than Moreno, I am honestly at a loss! Only decent guys in FA are Snelling and Ivory (slim pickings).

    TE: Tamme, Heap
    No brainer. Tamme is easily my best pick up of the season!

    K: Kaeding
    Cundiff did well for me, but I don’t like his matchup this week so I picked up Kaeding. Are any of these guys going to get me more points? Available: Tynes, Brown(STL), Mare, Gould, Suisham, Rackers, Dawson

    D/ST: St Louis, Tennessee
    Dropped CLE and grabbed STL on a gut feeling. Like the matchup and with Amendola, I’d get double points on returns! Still, these others are available if you think they may fare better: DAL, IND, SD

    Thanks in advance!

    • Tyson

      Oops! While I was writing the previous post, my opponent dropped K. Walter and grabbed Branch. I guess that solves that question!

    • Tyson

      I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about Choice, especially given the match-up and Barber’s injury. Is he worth dropping K. Williams for? I know Williams had a crappy game last week, but his schedule for my league’s playoff stretch is almost too good! On the other hand, if I don’t win this week, it won’t matter what happens in the playoffs, so I’m willing to take a chance.

      • Choice really hasnt been used at all. Mostly because the Cowboys ground game has been terrible. But with Barber out, and a game where they are expected to run a lot against Indy.. he could see more time.

        That being said, I wouldnt do it. He’ll get some carries, but Jones will get most of them.

    • Well lets get to it. I’ll start by saying that you are going to need a hell of a lot of luck this week. Vick Foster and Charles all rank among the top this week.

      QB leaves something to be desired, I dont have Roethlisberger on my list this week. Injury, matchup and his history against BAL have a lot to do with it. Of the players mentioned to replace him, Kitna is likely the best. I’d look at my weekly rankings and see if there is anyone else to go there.

      WR- Bryant Holmes and Amendola are good plays this week. No issues there. Cowboys/Colts could be a shootout which helps you out, hopefully Bryant will actually catch a pass this week.

      RB- Moreno is a good play. Blount’s matchup is hell, Benson’s is a little better, but I expect them to pass more. Woodhead also has a tough draw, but could do something in the passing game. I’d roll with Moreno and Blount though.

      TE- both are likely to have great games this week. Tamme is golden though.

      K- I dont really like Kaeding, but his matchup is decent. I have Mare and Gould listed high though.

      D- SD is primed for a good week. I have them at #1. They have decent turnovers, but are great against both the pass and the rush. 33 sacks on the year is nice too. If your gut says STL though, go with it. Especially if you get return yards thrown in.

      • Tyson

        You ain’t kidding when you say I’m gonna need some crazy luck this week! I actually beat this guy once before, but at that time Vick was out, he subbed in Gerrard, and Gerrard threw an INT before leaving the game with an injury, finishing with -0.04 points for the night. Don’t think I can expect that tonight! The good news (if you can look at it that way) is that since Foster and Vick play tonight, I will know exactly how bad the damage is tomorrow morning. (For my heart’s sake, I’m not going to watch tonight!)

        I think I’m gonna roll with Kitna. He’s put up decent numbers so far and has lots of weapons, including my man Bryant. All of the other teams in my league have at least 2 QBs, so there’s no one available from your list. One possibility I didn’t mention before is Kerry Collins. What are your thoughts on him?

        Picked up SD’s D/ST, mostly so I can second-guess myself all the way up to game time about whether to use them or StL. 😀

        I’m really surprised you suggested Blount, considering he’s not on your list this week and given how badly ATL shut him down last time (and most RBs since!). I was primarily agonizing over a choice between Benson and Woodhead. Would you think I’m completely nuts if I said that I could see Woodhead catching a lot of check-down passes with the Jets focusing on covering Welker and stuffing BGE at the line? Is that just wishful thinking?

        Like I said, this is my do-or-die moment. I’m willing to take a chance if your crystal ball has something interesting to say. I’ve even considered players like D. Alexander and B. Hartline this week! I don’t mind going down swinging, I just don’t want to end my season knowing that there was an extra 20-40 points sitting on my bench!

        Thanks again for the help. One of the things I love about your site is that you will engage in back-and-forth conversation instead of just doing a post-and-run like people on other sites do.

      • kitna is a good bet. i wouldnt take collins. he is a sub in the simplest form of the word. he will just check down throws and hand the ball off.

        keep in mind that SD is facing OAK. and OAK has a back up quarterback. and SD is one of the best against he pass and the run. and you probably cant name any OAK receivers.

        After making the list, I did notice that I left Woodhead off. I do think that NE will win the game, and they will do it with their little checkdown passes. it wont be pretty, but they will use the short pass game a lot like a run game. so woodhead could be a smart move here.

        of all the weeks to gamble, this one might be the week that is pretty straight forward. jacoby ford, obomanu, and d. hagan are the only sleepers i see that could do any damage.

  5. Justin

    ok 2 league question.

    1st league

    pick 1

    schaub or hill? i have palmer also but havent started him yet other then schaub bye week

    pick 3

    mike williams (tb)
    steven jackson
    steve johnson

    2nd league

    pick 1


    other starters


    the guy backed out of the nicks deal i had with him.. which worked out for me.. cuz nicks got hurt and colston been playing great..

  6. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    I am getting really nervous now over AP and his ankle. I will tell you what I’m thinking and I want more feed back on this question from you…

    I picked up Vincent Jackson two weeks ago excited for him to be put into the mix of things this week. Well he went ahead and hurt his calf. NFL.com says he is out this coming week. Now I don’t know if it would be more wise to drop him for Toby Gerhart or to hold tight to my players I have now. Here is my roster (again) so give me your thoughts on this issues as well as who to start.
    QB- Vick or Ben
    WR- Calvin Johnson, Mike Williams, DeSean Jackson, Miles Austin, Mike Thomas, Vincent Jackson
    RB- AP, Hillis and Blount
    TE- Tamme or Hernandez

    Thanks much GHL

    • Westbrook is a good pickup. But not a good play this week. Gore broke his hip on monday night and Westbrook went off against Arizona.

      Vick at QB
      WR- CJ, Williams, D Jax
      RB- AP if he plays, Hillis of course. I think its worth it picking up Gerhart. You could even drop Thomas to do it instead of Jackson. Just in case he turns it on. He is likely out for 2 weeks though.
      Tamme at TE

  7. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    Also whats the news on Brian Westbrook? Did someone on his team fail or something? His pick-up trend on Yahoo is off the chart. I feel he be an option.

  8. Loser

    -non ppr-
    Need 2 RBs
    S. Jax

    T.O. or Colston?

    Appreciate it!

    • S Jax and MJD would be my plays. Mendenhalls matchup isnt too hot, but you never know with him. Moreno has been looking nice as of late, but again, its a difficult matchup and DEN will be passing.

      Colston is probably a better play than TO. New Orleans handles the pass pretty well. I expect them to do to TO what they did to Bryant last week.


  9. Ratcliffe2005

    I’ve got Cutler available on the waiver wire, and Tom Brady on my roster.

    Is Cutler worth the add?

    • Both players have pretty rough remaining schedules. Looking at their Week 16 and 17 schedule, Cutlers is a tiny bit easier, but both are pretty bad. Id stick with Brady, since he is simply the better QB of the 2.

  10. cgi

    I have to win this game – 3rd place (8-4) & do not want to be in fourth and have to play the #1 team in week 15.

    Who to play?

    QB – Brady (vs. NYJ), Bradford (vs. ARI)
    WR – Holmes, Manningham, Floyd, Williams(SEA), Nicks
    RB – McCoy, Mendenhall, F.Jax
    TE – Boss, Pittigrew
    K – Akers
    DE – PIT (vs. BAL), SD (vs. OAK)

    Highly considering playing Bradford, F.Jax & SD.

    • QB- Brady. He is pretty much a must start each week, no matter who he is playing. NE will have to get it done through the air if they want to win. Bradfords matchup is nice, but Brady is still my play

      WR- Holmes, Manningham and Floyd are pretty much the only ones you can play. Lucky for you, they are great matchups this week. and should preform well.

      RB- Ive got Mendenhall and McCoy higher than F Jax. He has been hot as of late, but the matchup leaves a lot to be desired.

      TE- Pettigrew is nice, more so if you are in PPR. Hill says he will play, which is a good sign for him. Boss has a good matchup, but I expect the WRs to get the work done against WAS.

      Definitely SD defense this week. Campbell is starting, things should get messy for them.

  11. Zach

    started off 10-0 and already clinched one of the top two seeds, but lost my last two because i’ve played the wrong people..

    who to start this week?

    qb – eli or big ben
    rb – foster and lesean mccoy, mcfadden or tolbert
    wr – andre johnson, wayne and welker or rice

    and with tight end..is it time to drop zach miller and hope i can win the waiver claim for celek? i have jimmmy graham. fasano & watson are really the only other options

    i have a waiver claim for san diego defense out now since their playoff schedule is SF and cincy. i’m currently rocking with the giants

    • QB- Eli
      RB- Foster and Tolbert – Matchups are nice. McCoy could start and do well, I just like the other 2 more this week.
      WR- AJ, Wayne and Welker… Rice only has 4 catches in his 2 games back. And the Bills arent bad against the pass. Most of MIN’s offense should be done on the ground anyways. The pats will have to get it done in the passing game, and Welker is overdue for some fireworks.
      TE- I hate saying drop Miller, but is probably the best bet. New QB playing, and the injury doesnt look good. If you get celek that would be nice. If not, see if Dreessen is available, I’m pretty high on him right now til he proves me wrong.

      Cross your fingers for SD, they are going to be legit come playoff time. NYG isnt too bad either though. Youre good either way.


      • Zach

        Thanks, that’s the way i was leaning.

        Ended up with losing the SD waiver claim and got Celek in place of Miller. I actually lost SD to the same person I lost my Tamme claim to earlier in the year…the guy who’s a 1/2 game ahead of me for first.

      • that blows. i really hate the waiver system. i think it should be a first come first serve system. if you are smart and know your football, you should be awarded for it.

  12. strag

    Braylon Edwards(vs.NE)
    Reggie Wayne(vs.DAL)

    Ray Rice(vs. PIT) he had his worst game of the season with them earlier in the season with only 2.90 pts.
    Mike Goodson(vs.SEA)
    Ben Obomanu (vs. CAR)

    Cleveland (vs. MIA)
    NY Jets (vs. NE)

    • strag

      forget about the DEF thing. I picked up Chicago D against Lions this week. I’m starting to get iffy about my QB situation. I’ve got…

      Tom Brady (vs. Jets. From a fantasy standpoint, He’s been playing amazing the last few weeks. Plus it’s MNF & he loves the spotlight. But last time he played the Jets he only got 16 points. My matchup has VICK. So this just wouldn’t be enough & I know Jets D is going to want to shut him down.

      Matt Cassel (who got monster points against Denver last time they played but idk if this time he’ll do it again.)

      • Cassel could definitely pull it off again. Nice matchup and they have been hot recently.

        Brady will have to throw the ball if he wants to win this game. Likely getting more points than last time. But Cassel is probably more of a lock and I actually have him higher than Brady this week.

        I’d take the slight risk and go for it with Cassel.

    • Wayne at WR- no doubt

      Flex: Rice has another tough matchup, so I wouldnt go for it. Goodson has been seeing some good yards, but again, a less than favorable matchup. Obomanu is looking really nice, and although CAR is actually decent against the pass, who else can Hasselbeck throw it to? I’d go with him and cross your fingers.

      DEF: CLE, i’d search waivers though for something a little better. Just posted my position rankings that include the defense. Check it out.

  13. jayhawk4life59

    gore are you kidding me…fml. I’m 6-6 hoping to win out and this happens…anyways who do you think i should play this week. Yahoo standard scoring league. i can have 2 RB and 2 WR and a flex

    QB – Orton, Ryan
    RB – Benson, F.Jackson, Westbrook, BJGE, Lynch
    WR – Bowe, Garcon, Williams(TB), Floyd
    And do you think Miami D is a good play…i have been just going off matchups this year and this is about the only team left i feel will do shit this week due to matchups.

    • Orton
      Benson, F Jax
      Bowe, Williams,
      Garcon at flex.

      Flex was a toss up between Garcon and Floyd for me. I’d avoid the other RBs. Floyd didnt look good in his first week back, but I doubt that SD can be held with no passing TDs 2 weeks in a row. Garcon has a nice matchup though, and DAL tends to focus too much on the #1 receiver.
      MIA is playing Cleveland, Cleveland is starting Delhomme. Yeah, MIA should be good to roll with this week.


    At WR: Obomanu, Sidney Rice, Nate Washington, or Brandon Marshall?

    1RB/1Flex: Mike Goodson, Jonathan Stewart, Westbrook, or Sidney Rice?

    2WR: Manningham, Welker, Hines Ward, Mike Williams(TB), or Obomanu?


    • I’m not really sure of what to do here, so i’m going to rank them in order the way you posted them

      WR: Obomanu, Rice, Washington, Marshall
      RB/Flex: Goodson, Stewart, Rice, Westbrook
      2WR: Manningham, Williams, Welker, Obomanu, Ward.

      I’m assuming these are for different teams. If not. Manningham, Williams, Welker should be your WRs/Flex

  15. ShAd0wS

    WR: Harvin, S.Moss, Knox, Breaston, Marshall, D.Alexander, J.Ford
    RB: AP (If he plays), Tolbert, F.Jackson, Blount, Torain, Gerhart
    TE: Boss, Keller, Olsen

    Some of these players are on WW, but I don’t see them going anywhere so they might as well be part of my bench. Currently I’m thinking

    Harvin, Knox, WR3, AP, Tolbert, Boss

    I really want to try Ford, but he is pretty inconsistent and is going against a good D so hes probably not the best play this week. D.Alexander has also had good PPR stats the few games hes played, and is going against Arizona, so hes a tempting call. Or I could go with S.Moss as the safest option, though that isn’t saying much. If I win this I’m in the playoffs, what do you think?

    • I’d play Moss at WR3. You could gamble with Ford, but I dont think its a safe play, unless you are already a lock for a playoff spot.

      RB – definitely AP and Tolbert. Replace AP with Gerhart if AP cant play.

      TE- Keller. None of them really stand out, but Keller is the best of the bunch.

  16. @__GAME

    cutler or orton?

    need a WR3….naanee, ward, hagan?

    • Orton at QB

      Ward is likely the best option at WR3. Just because he’s hines ward. If you are feeling frisky though, I’d go with Hagan. He is next in line at NYG and they have a great matchup.

  17. MIt

    Kitna, Cassel or Freeman??

    Bench Andre Jhonson? instead put in blair white or someone else?
    Jhonson is in Flex currently…

    Pick 2 RB? Forte, MIke Goodson, L. Blount or K.Williams(WAS)?

    Def..Rams or Jets?

    • I’d go with Cassel.. if it aint broke dont fix it, you know. Freeman is a close second, I like the matchup and the fact that they will probably be playing from behind. But Cassel should air it out in a shootout against DEN.

      Dont bench Johnson, thats crazytalk.

      Forte and Goodson at RB. Forte is a good play. Goodson is risky, but so are the other 2.

      I’d go with the Rams defense.

  18. Ratcliffe2005

    8-4 in both leagues. I don’t necessarily need to win in either league, just need to score higher than the other teams in a position to make the play offs. As such I’m more or less looking for safe point plays not risks.

    After a series of injuries I’m in dire straights when it comes to WR strength in both leagues.

    Pick 3 for each please.

    League 1:
    C. Johnson
    D. Woodhead
    M. Williams (TB)
    S. Moss
    R. Moss
    M. Thomas
    B. Obomanu

    League 2:
    J. Maclin
    M. Thomas
    B. Obomanu
    R. Meachem
    D. Branch
    H. Nicks (INJ)
    A. Collie (INJ)

    • Ratcliffe2005

      In League 1: Hines Ward is also an option. I dropped him earlier.

      • Ratcliffe2005

        League 2: Just picked up Danny Amendola; or Hines Ward.

      • Ratcliffe2005

        Let me fix this…

        LEAGUE 2: Need 3 and the following are playable..

        J. Maclin
        M. Thomas
        B. Obomanu
        R. Meachem
        D. Branch
        H. Ward
        M. Sims-Walker
        D. Amendola

        So many of those are ranked right on top of each other that I don’t see a difference. Please sort through it for me.

    • Safe picks are easy. We can work with safe.

      League one. C Johnson, M Williams, R Moss. I know the last one sounds a bit crazy, but I like the matchup.

      League two: Maclin, Obomanu, Branch.

      When it comes to WR3 in both leagues, there really isnt a ‘safe pick’ so to say. I think Moss and Branch have more potential than the other players you listed for each team though.

  19. Scotty

    Thanks for the help in the past. It has helped my team get to 7-4 and I clinched a playoff birth. Playoffs in my league are from weeks 14-16 and 6 teams are in it out of a standard scoring 10 team league. My team is sitting pretty solid except for WR 2.

    QB – Vick
    WR 1 – C. Johnson
    WR 2 – ?
    RB 1 – MJD
    RB 2 – Steven Jackson
    Flex – Ray Rice
    TE – Jason Witten
    K- Akers
    DE – Pitt

    Options for WR 2 – B. Marshall, V. Jackson, M. Crabtree, N. Washington, M. Williams (SEA) or I can pick up Ben Obomanu.

    Rest of bench – Flacco, Westbrook.

    With Collins coming back for Tenn. I am considering Washington as my favorite right now. What do you think? Also what do you think about Marshall the rest of the way? He has done awful so far.
    As always thanks for the help and I will continue spreading the word. Good luck with your fantasy teams this week.

    • Scotty

      Sorry meant 7-5.

    • Youre welcome and congrats. Glad I could help you out.

      WR2- definitely a tough call on this one. Marshall is doing nothing. Jackson is out, Crabtree has been looking alright, but the matchup isnt the best. Washington is playing with a backup QB, but the matchup is pretty favorable. I like the thought of picking up Obomanu, but again, the matchup is suspect and I think you have more reliable players on your bench.

      I think I would go with Washington on this one. He is a gamble, but it could pay off in the end. He has Moss there to take the heat off of him.
      ***IF Kenny Britt does come back this week (he practiced yesterday and is questionable) I would probably pick up Obomanu and throw him in there. Carolina is tough against the pass, but I dont think Washington is a good play as a #3 receiver for his team, and Crabtree against the Packers isnt looking so hot.


  20. Zach

    Start Green-Ellis or Tomlinson? Thanks

  21. Ratcliffe2005



    Eli Manning or Tom Brady this week?

  23. joe

    i need major help….
    i need :
    3 wrs: Garcon, Ochocinco, Bess, Mason, Knox, Obmanu, and Danrio Alexander

    2 rbs: Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, Thomas Jones, and Mike Tolbert

    and 1 flex rb/wr option.


    • Garcon, Obomanu, Knox… Garcon has a nice matchup. Obomanu is still the only real receiving weapon on the Seahawks, Knox didnt have a good show against them last time they met, but he has been showing up, and I dont expect Forte to destroy the Lions like last time.

      RBs would be Tolbert and Bradshaw for me. Its hard to predict which NYG RB will get the most looks. Jacobs will officially be getting the start. But since the Giants are missing receivers, I think they will use Bradshaw more as he is a better receiving RB.

      For Flex… You could play it safe and double up on NYG RB. Just in case he goes off. T. Jones only had 4 carries for 3 yards against them last time. He is getting some carries, but I expect Charles to get far more again. Ochocinco is a sleeper here. I expect the Saints to cover TO much like they did Dez Bryant last week. Leaving at least a little bit of heat off Ochocinco. I’ve laid out my opinions here, so I think the best thing to say is use the advice from this or go with whatever your gut says.

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