Shocked by Andre Johnson. Normally a man who carries himself very well. Sorry fantasy owners. He’s getting suspended.


By show of hands… who else got screwed by Rivers?



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7 responses to “Wow

  1. Justin

    there is just something about finnegan that gets to johnson.. they got into last year too if im not mistaken

    • yeah. they did. finnegan was just mad that he kept getting burned and went to the face of johnson. i just wish andre had made more of it. if youre going to get kicked out and likely miss a few games… do it big. knock that ass’s teeth out.

  2. Tyson

    Actually, I was saved by Rivers! I thought for sure that Roethlisberger had screwed me when he didn’t throw a TD. Going into the night game, I had only a 4 point lead with Tamme left to play vs. my opponent who had Rivers. I thought for sure I had lost! Instead, I pulled out a 12-point win. I couldn’t believe how hard I was rooting for each of those Manning INTs to go to the house! FF is a fickle thing.

    • good for you. unfortunately i’m in one points per completion league.. where rivers is averaging 48 points per game for me. this week he got me 27. in his defense.. joel dreessen was the only player on that team for me that scored a touchdown.

    • you know that the NFL didnt suspend either of them just because Houston is playing on NFL network tonight and no one would watch if they thought the game would be a complete blowout without A. Johnson on the field.

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