Ben Obomanu

Joel Dreessen

Toby Gerhart

Brian Westbrook

Derek Hagan


If you are in trouble… go shopping. Huge upside. Trust me, 6-6 is time to gamble. Stay tuned for a how-to manual for finishing out the season. Whether you are undefeated or 4-8 on the verge of being out of it, you wont want to miss this strategy session.



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11 responses to “GO GO GO!

  1. monnone

    OK, seeing how Gore is all messed up who should I pick up?
    Mike Tolbert
    Fred Jackson
    Mike Goodson

    All seem to be doing really well. I really need a good play here I was in first until a 2 game losing streak due to injuries. Damn You Gore and Jackson!

    Thanks for the help

  2. strag

    Would you say Mike Goodson would be a better option then the guys listed above? or no?

  3. Sox

    Here I was thinking I was out of the playoffs, then I’m told it’s an 8 team playoff. I’m currently in 7th and I’m playing the best guy in the league next week. (He’s projected for 140 pts on yahoo, PPR league).

    You’ve seen my roster enough by now, but here’s my receiver corps:
    S. Smith (NYG), S. Johnson, P. Garcon, B. White, J. Ford, J. Jones, D. Bess, M. Williams (SEA). Currently available on the wire: D. Alexander and B. Obomanu. Was thinking of starting Johnson, Bess, Garcon or White, depending on Collie’s status. J. Ford might’ve been a good start however I don’t know how I feel about him w/Campbell.

    For TE, I have Hernandez and Dreessen. I think Dreessen may be the safer play this week.

    Any thoughts?

    • For the record… I have a hundred or so people posting to this site. I know you are a dedicated regular and for that I am thankful.. But with all the teams I help on here, my 4 teams, and the advice I give on other sites to advertise GHL.. I dont really have room to memorize a lot of teams. I recognize them, but do not have them down to a science.. also, i’m too lazy to go searching.

      Johnson and Garcon get the starts. If you need a third, they are all a bit risky. I dont really like White, I think Colts can get it done with their top2 wrs and TE. Bess is probably the best WR3 on your roster.
      J Ford is too much of an unknown to start in leagues that dont have return yardage. Jones is alright, but limited. I like Obomanu as a pickup. The matchup is tough, but he is the only one doing anything for SEA.
      I’d go Bess, Johnson and Garcon.

      TE- Dreessen is a safe play until he proves otherwise, I agree with you there. Hernandez only seems to get the ball if the Pats are playing a team with a less than average pass rush. NYJ is not one of those teams.

      • Sox

        Haha thanks. I just wanted to throw it out there in case my pasting my roster was getting annoying.

        Honestly I don’t understand why Hernandez has gotten the shaft lately, I think he’s better than Gronk at everything but getting the ball in the endzone.

      • i agree about hernandez. they just need a bigger TE in there for blocking when they are facing a better defense. gronkowski is certainly bigger, and has the ability to score, as we’ve all seen.

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