Week 13 Weekly Wrap-Up

I might have just had one of the worst weeks ever, at least for one of my teams…

Get this. I own a team, and it is somehow absolutely magical. The draft was perfect. And the players that I got in later rounds became complete stars. It is a 10-team standard league, and every one of my starters is on the Can’t Cut list. No lie.

  • Kyle Orton (drafted round 13)
  • Roddy White (received in week 4 trade)
  • Dwayne Wade (drafted round 6)
  • Andre Johnson (received in 3-1 player trade in week 2)
  • Rashard Mendenhall (drafted round 2)
  • Arian Foster (drafted round 9 )
  • Antonio Gates (drafted round 4)

Told you. This team is simply overwhelming in my league. I clinched playoffs 4 weeks ago. And this week. Week 13.. I lost. Bowe got shut out. Orton put up like 2 points. I stupidly opted to go with Maclin who I thought was a lock at WR this week in place of A Johnson. Bad idea. I lost by 38 points. Absolutely embarrassing for a team that we’ll be seeing in Hawa’ii in February. Sigh.


Oh well. That’s that. Some fun stuff this week. Lets hear about it…..



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21 responses to “Week 13 Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Justin

    i feel your pain.. orton, eli and bowe killed me this week.. was 10-2 and i lost by 7.. and i made the mistake of playing holmes instead of bradshaw..

  2. Allan Basso

    My RBs came through (Forte and Benson), as did Gates.
    I made the mistake of playing Freeman over Schaub but other than that I chose the right lineup and got the win by 30 points.

    This week is the final one before the playoffs.
    I’m in third in ranking (8-5) and in points, but the second in poinst is just one win behind me.

    Also there is 2 other guys at 8-5 and 4 other at 7-6.
    Only 4 go to the playoffs.
    Although it is possible that I may get in even with a loss, depending on the combinations and tie-brakers, I must win to secure my spot because the other guys at 8-5 have reasonably easy matchups.

    This is it. My playoff game, before the playoffs.
    Win or go home.

    I’ll need all the advice I can get.

  3. Tyson

    After a great amount of internal debate, I decided to go with the San Diego defense instead of St Louis. Unfortunately, the St Louis D scored 11.6 more points than San Diego. Even more unfortunately, I lost the game by just under 8 points. 😦 Please don’t take this as me blaming you for the loss. I know that I asked for the advice and you gave what you thought would be the best play, and your advice is normally golden. Only I can change my lineup. What it taught me is to trust my gut. This year was my first in fantasy football, and the learning curve was very steep indeed! Next season (if there is one) will be better!

    In all, I suppose finishing 10th out of 12 isn’t too bad, considering what I was up against (myself! :D). I had the 11th pick in the draft, and I made some seriously awful choices. I drafted Randy Moss, Pierre Thomas, and Brent Celek. Along the way, I picked up stinkers such as Montario Hardesty (literally the day before he injured himself and was put on IR), Legedu Naanee, Brandon Jackson, Brandon Tate, Deion Branch, Beanie Wells, and Keiland Williams. Worst of all, at one point I suggested to a friend that he pick up Peyton Hillis because I thought I was set at RB and didn’t need him! Within the next 2 weeks, I lost both my starting RBs to injury! I dropped to 3-6 and should have been out completely. However, I managed to make one very good trade (Schaub for Amendola) and won 3 of my last 4, including posting the season’s single game point record in my league. Had I gone with my gut and made one different choice, I’d have won 4 of 4 and would now be ranked 7th headed into the playoffs. Live and learn, I suppose. (Incidentally, the team at the bottom of my league was the one that got first pick in the draft!)

    Despite my season-ending loss yesterday, there was one bright ray of sunshine. Josh McDaniels will no longer be ruining my beloved Broncos! I’m so happy I could cry!

    • well… at least congrats on the loss of mcdaniels.

      i promise fantasy football isnt always like this. this season has had more injuries than any i can remember at least since i’ve been playing. lots of ups and downs, and a season surprisingly filled with parity.

      hopefully there will be a season next year so you can experience a winning record.

  4. ShAd0wS

    Having Dwayne Wade as a WR is a gutsy call, but I guess he does get a lot of receptions… I take it your league is PPR? 😛

  5. Brian

    I had a pretty horrible week as both my teams lost. My one team was 11-1 and had their worst week of the year. I was just happy that team was able to keep the overall point lead because our league has a payout for highest points. So with that payout my fantasy season will be free. Hopefully I can win it all.

    The other team needed to win to stay in the playoffs and I end up losing by 10 points. I had Matt Ryan on my bench and started Orton who killed me. What really pissed me off was the guy who took my spot got the win mainly because his opponent who has been out of the playoffs for the last 4 weeks started Percy Harvin. I ended up having almost 150 more total points then the last two teams that got in the playoffs.

  6. Zach

    at the last second i plugged in mccoy over tolbert. it worked out. i put up 141 and beat a guy fighting for the playoffs (i clinched in week 10) who also happened to put up the second highest point total for the week. sucks for him

    everyone but eli and celek had double digits for me:

    andre johnson
    giants d/st

    and i still had rice, blount, mcfadden and big ben on my bench (along with tolbert and britt)

  7. Kevin

    Ouch. Tough week. I have several of the same players as you and my team is dominating my 10 Team league averaging over 110 points per week and win on lose in week 14 I finish with the best record in the league going into the playoffs. I did win my week 3 match up mostly because my players from Thursday all did well, A. Foster, A. Johnson and D. Jackson my opponents team tanked even worse than mine. I guess I figure at this point being a lock for the top seed I’d rather see my players tank in weeks 13 and 14 when it doesn’t matter than during the win or walk in weeks 15 and 16. Fortuneately for us Orton faces 2 of the 10 worst passing defenses in those weeks. Well my semi’s and finals anyway. Oakland does make me a little nervous though in week 15 but I just have to trust that the QB that helped get me to the playoffs can post big numbers when it really counts.

  8. Sox

    I got blown out and ended up leaving around 35pts on the bench- enough to have gotten me the win.

    Played Johnson, Bess, and Obomanu at WR and Boss at TE. Bess was the only one that produced anything. Meanwhile I left J. Ford, Garcon, Hernandez on the bench.

    Going into this week I’m playing #1 seed who happens to be the same guy I played last week.

    WR (Pick 3):
    S. Smith (NYG)
    P. Garcon
    S. Rice
    D. Bess
    J. Ford

    Thinking Garcon, Rice, and Ford. Ford seems to have overtaken Heyward bey. Smith will be healthy but probably limited. Bess will suffer from having Marshall back, as will Garcon if Collie’s finally able to play again.

    TE: Ed Dickson or B. Watson.

    I should’ve listened to you last week about Garcon. The dude’s burned me so many weeks that I have a hard time trusting him. Your advice has been great all season and I’ll definitely be around next year.

    • Sox

      Meachem and Earl Bennett are still on the waiver wire.

    • I wouldnt reach for the waiver wire. I do like that the Saints and Bears are both surging fantasy-wise right now. but I think you have enough strength to not need to gamble.

      my only problem with ford is that murphy is back and getting some looks recently. Ford is still getting more, but I was very high on Murphy at the beginning of the season and before his injury he was producing. He seems to be back to that strength.

      I would have to agree with your picks on this one though. Rice will perform better with Harvin into offset him. Garcon has Manning throwing to him, so as long as Collie is out, I’d keep him in your lineup. And Ford has been hot as of late, so until he slows down, I’d say keep him in. Giving Smith one more week is a good idea.

  9. Loser

    I’m happy to announce that i’ll be making the playoffs in both of my leagues. I’m first in my deeper league and third in my 8 man league.
    I’ve posted almost every week here, and I have to admit that your advice has helped quite a bit.

  10. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    I was happy last week to have already clinched the playoffs. Now I’m rooting for the lesser of the three teams juking it out for the last playoff spot. Great stuff.
    Now all that’s on my mind is to find the best players for the playoffs. As of now the only pick up I am considering is Anthony Armstrong.
    Have you got any wise pickups that I may have on my WW?

    • Only a few stand outs for me. With the way this season is going, there is really no guarantee at all, so the best bet is to work on a weekly basis. I think that Starks at RB is a good pickup if you need some backup there. He performed well last week. GB has a killer schedule in the last 3 weeks of the season though, so I dont expect them to go to the ground game too much.

      Jacoby Ford is a good WR option if he hasnt been snagged. Armstrong like you said has a strong playoff stretch ahead of him. Sims Walker will likely miss one more week, but will be back after that. So Mike Thomas could be a good pickup as well.

      Owen Daniels looks to be returning for the Texans at TE, and Zach Miller is still working on getting to full strength, but should be ready in 2 weeks for playoff time.

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