Week 14 Position Rankings / Advice Time

Got some sleepers mixed into the pot on this weeks position rankings. If you kids behave, I might put up my full list of sleepers if I have time. I’m currently working on a few more article type posts that are taking up a bit of my time.

But have no fear, I will be getting to all of your questions as always in this week’s Advice Time post.

Without any further ado, I give you my position rankings for Week 14:

Week 13 saw a handful of big names put up less than enviable numbers, so following that theme, you will find the list littered with some sleepers and surprises. Of course, you have to start your top guns, but if you are in a position where it might be necessary to shake things up, or, like me, you are in a playoff system that has given you a bye week, then this might be a good time to go after some little guys and see what comes of it.

Week 14 Quarterback Rankings

Lots of your big names are going up against some of the less successful pass defenses in the league this week. Good news if you are a Rodgers or Brees owner. Bad news if your opponent is. But not to fear, if you have been having QB troubles for the past few weeks and are ready to make a gamble, San Francisco’s Alex Smith is facing the lowly defense the Seattle Seahawks who are giving up almost 280 each week through the air. And Philip Rivers owners can expect a bounce-back this week from their one time savior as Rivers battles the Kansas City Chiefs at home. Expect Malcom Floyd and Antonio Gates to return to strength just in time for playoff season.

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Drew Brees
  3. Michael Vick
  4. Philip Rivers
  5. Peyton Manning
  6. Tom Brady
  7. Jay Cutler
  8. Matt Ryan
  9. Ben Roethlisberger
  10. Jon Kitna
  11. Eli Manning
  12. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  13. Josh Freeman
  14. Kyle Orton
  15. Alex Smith
  16. Joe Flacco
  17. Matt Schaub
  18. David Garrard
  19. Jason Campbell
  20. Carson Palmer


Week 14 Running Back Rankings

If you have the misfortune of facing the owner of Peyton Hillis this week, you might as well start planning ahead for Week 15. Hillis is far and away the number one back in the land this week going up against the Buffalo Bills who are giving up a stunning 167 yards per game on the ground. The biggest jump of the season belongs to Knowshon Moreno, who, coming off 2 successful weeks, should run all over the Arizona Cardinals. Those of you searching for a miracle sleeper might consider Tim Hightower going up against the 141 yards per game Broncos, Chris Ivory with 4 scores in his last 2 games, or James Starks, the super-sleeper in Green Bay with a favorable matchup against Detroit.

  1. Peyton Hillis
  2. Chris Johnson
  3. Knowshon Moreno
  4. Arian Foster
  5. Adrian Peterson
  6. Maurice Jones-Drew
  7. Rashard Mendenhall
  8. Michael Turner
  9. LeSean McCoy
  10. Darren McFadden
  11. Steven Jackson
  12. Ray Rice
  13. Matt Forte
  14. Jamaal Charles
  15. LeGarrette Blount
  16. Fred Jackson
  17. Mike Tolbert
  18. Ahmad Bradshaw
  19. Tim Hightower
  20. LaDainian Tomlinson
  21. Christopher Ivory
  22. Felix Jones
  23. Brandon Jacobs
  24. Danny Woodhead
  25. Ryan Torain
  26. Ronnie Brown
  27. Tashard Choice
  28. Thomas Jones
  29. James Starks
  30. Cedric Benson
  31. Jonathan Stewart
  32. BenJarvus Green-Ellis
  33. Brian Westbrook
  34. Keiland Williams
  35. Jahvid Best


Week 14 Wide Receiver Rankings

No surprise that the usual suspects cloud the top 15 of the WR rankings. Miles Austin and teammate Roy Williams see a bump despite a decent defensive matchup with the loss of Fantasy Favorite Dez Bryant. With the Mike Martz-powered offense, Chicago wide receivers are back on the map, especially with the matchup against the worst pass defense in the league. Johnny Knox tops the Chicago wideouts, but Earl Bennett is a sleeper against the New England Patriots secondary.

  1. Roddy White
  2. Greg Jennings
  3. Brandon Lloyd
  4. Reggie Wayne
  5. DeSean Jackson
  6. Calvin Johnson
  7. Andre Johnson
  8. Mike Wallace
  9. Marques Colston
  10. Steve Johnson
  11. Mike Williams (TB)
  12. Dwayne Bowe
  13. Miles Austin
  14. Anquan Boldin
  15. Terrell Owens
  16. Jeremy Maclin
  17. Malcom Floyd
  18. Larry Fitzgerald
  19. Santonio Holmes
  20. Mario Manningham
  21. Roy Williams
  22. Wes Welker
  23. Pierre Garcon
  24. Michael Crabtree
  25. Brandon Marshall
  26. Percy Harvin
  27. Johnny Knox
  28. Chad Ochocinco
  29. Santana Moss
  30. Sidney Rice
  31. Mike Thomas
  32. Jacoby Ford
  33. Lance Moore
  34. Mike Williams (SEA)
  35. Deion Branch
  36. Hines Ward
  37. Donald Driver
  38. Danny Amendola
  39. Derrick Mason
  40. Devone Bess


Week 14 Tight End Rankings

Antonio Gates even at half strength is a force to be reckoned with as he tops the list. Vernon Davis grabs the second seed with a nice matchup against the Seahawks, and Jason Witten looks to add to his team-leading reception total against the Philadelphia Eagles. Ed Dickson, the Baltimore Ravens rookie, makes his debut start and debut ranking at #8 as a sleeper as he is expected to fill the shoes of Todd Heap who is already ruled out with an injury.

  1. Antonio Gates
  2. Vernon Davis
  3. Jason Witten
  4. Jacob Tamme
  5. Marcedes Lewis
  6. Brandon Pettigrew
  7. Chris Cooley
  8. Ed Dickson
  9. Tony Gonzalez
  10. Ben Watson
  11. Greg Olsen
  12. Joel Dreessen
  13. Zach Miller
  14. Kellen Winslow
  15. Visanthe Shiancoe


Week 14 Kicker Rankings

As was evident in the Monday Night game, cold weather is definitely upon us, and while this slightly affects offensive output, the position most influenced by the season is Kicker. This time of year, unless you have solidified a consistent big name, you might want to opt for a kicker with their games in the south, or better yet, those playing in a dome. Because no one wants to be as embarrassed as Nick Folk with his 20 yard left hook.

  1. Matt Bryant
  2. Nate Kaeding
  3. David Akers
  4. Rob Bironas
  5. Billy Cundiff
  6. Garrett Hartley
  7. Mason Crosby
  8. Sebastian Janikowski
  9. Olindo Mare
  10. Matt Prater


Week 14 Defense Rankings

In a season of extreme parity in the NFL it is getting harder to pick a consistent defense. You have to balance the turnovers with the matchup, and hope that they dont have a sudden turnaround like Oakland in Week 7 or Seattle in Week 10. Below are the best matchups this weekend.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. Atlanta Falcons
  3. New York Giants
  4. Green Bay Packers
  5. New York Jets
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  7. San Francisco 49ers
  8. Philadelphia Eagles
  9. Denver Broncos
  10. New England Patriots


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46 responses to “Week 14 Position Rankings / Advice Time

  1. MIt

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the advice.

    I really really really need a huge win.

    My team..What do you think?

    QB- Kitna, Cassel or Freeman…. Pick one?

    WR. Andre Jhonson, D.Bowe, Brandon LLoyd

    TE- Kevin Boss, B.Watson and B.Celek…pick One?

    RB- Matt FOrte, L.Blount, MIke Goodson…Pick 2?

    K. Dan Carpenter? can get Matt Parter, Neil Rackers, Folk, Suishum, Connor Barth, Billy Cuniff???

    DEF- Jet and Rams… can get..Cleveland, NE, Dallas, Bills, Jags, Arizona??

    Thanks alot…

    • Cassel is questionable. The matchup is pretty rough too.
      Kitna has been consistent, but isnt putting up huge numbers.
      Freeman and TB are looking pretty good. And Washington can definitely be thrown on.
      Freeman is my pick.

      WR, no arguments there. If you only start 2, I’d go Johnson and Lloyd. If you can get all three, you are golden.

      RB- Forte and Blount should get the nod here. Decent matchups and neither one is sharing too much time.

      TE- I expected something from Boss last week, but was let down. And their star WRs are coming back, so he is back to the bottom for me. Watson has potential this week, I put him higher than usual. Celek hasnt been doing much this year, and the Cowboys LBs shouldnt have too much of a problem with him, its the deep ball you need to worry about. Watson has been very up and down, but I think you can roll with him this week.

      K. Carpenter or Prater would get my vote.

      DEF- I’d stick with the Jets.

  2. ShAd0wS

    I’m basically fucked. Round one of playoffs and opponent has Rodgers, Foster, and Hillis. With good WRs too. Best team in the league and of course hes the 4 seed.

    QB: Vick, Brees
    WR(3): Harvin, Marshall, R.Williams, Knox, S.Moss, J.Ford (Bennett on waivers)
    RB(2): AP, Blount, F.Jackson, Tolbert, Torain
    TE: Watson (Olsen, Boss on waivers)
    K: Graham, have been swapping between him and Kaeding off of waivers laast few weeks. Whichever I don’t play scores better.
    DEF: NYG

    Currently thinking Vick, Marshall (If he plays), R.Williams, Ford, Knox (if Marshall is out), AP, Blount, Watson. Need to go with some big play wideouts and hope to get lucky, I have a good feeling with Ford @JAX.

    • ShAd0wS

      Err just remembered Marshall will be on Revis island…. so would probably go with R.Williams, J.Ford, Knox.

    • Not a good draw for you. Sorry man. Rodgers and Hillis will no doubt perform well. Foster has by far his toughest matchup against Baltimore, but he might still get it done because he hasnt showed signs of stopping yet.

      Your best bets would be Vick (I know I have Brees higher in my rankings, but Vick is more of a guarantee)
      WR- Williams, Knox, Ford. Marshall has the tough matchup and coming off injury. He could produce, but its unlikely.
      RB- AP and Blount.. TB is giving up big yards, but Torain is doing a lot of timeshare. Tolbert was a let down last week. F Jackson has a good matchup, but Blounts is better.
      TE- Watson and Olsen are close for me. Its really a toss up here. Olsen is up against a pretty bad secondary, and Watson should be a good drop down option for whoever decides to play for the Browns. I’d go Olsen here.
      K- Go with the Warm Weather Kicker. I’d go Kaeding.

      Hopefully you can get some good play out of your guys this week. I have 2 teams that are facing Hillis this week and i’m shaking a little bit.
      Good luck

  3. Justin

    as always thanks for the help.. hopefully u can help me again

    qb (pick 2)

    big ben
    eli manning

    for the w/t and w/r


    2nd league

    pick 3 (can only be 1 rb)

    nicks (if he plays)
    mike williams (tb)
    steven jackson
    chris ivory

    thanks again

  4. jeremy

    ESPN Standard League Line-up Help..

    RB: Blount, BJGE, Ivory, F.Jones, Westbrook

    WR: S.Johnson, Wayne, AJ, Manningham

    2RB’S, 2WR’s, 1 Flex

    I am thinking about going with Blount, BGJE and Ivory and 2 WR’s this week. What do you think and who would you use?

    Def: Chargers or Giants (Cassel may be out for KC this week).


    • RB- Blount and … Ivory (be very careful monitoring this, if PT comes back, you are going to have to replace him, I’d use F Jones)
      WR- Wayne and AJ
      Flex- S Johnson

      I think you have to go with three WRs, when you have 3 wrs this good on the lineup, then why not go for it? At least in the leagues that I play in on yahoo, WRs outscore RBs most weeks. if that isnt the case, then i’d go Blount Ivory Jones. Only using BJGE if PT is back.

      Chargers could be good with Cassel out. But the Giants against a banged up Minnesota team that is likely missing Favre could be good too. Its a toss up. I’d just check the injury reports before the games and decide from there.

  5. jeremy

    Yahoo PPR League

    WR: Garcon, Meachem or Driver

    Giants or Falcons Defense?

    Thanks I am 9-4 in this league.

  6. Ryan

    Please help. Desperately need win:

    QB (1): Vick or Brees
    RB (2): Mendenhall, Hillis, Tolbert, Torain, R.Bush
    WR(2): Bowe, Steve Johnson, Mike Wallace, Crabtree, Amendola
    Flex (1): any RB or WR above

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ryan. Welcome to GHL.

      Vick and Brees are my #2 and 3 picks this week, so either way you go is pretty golden. Brees has higher upside, but Vick has your consistency here and is playing the worse defense. I’d go with him.
      RB- Hillis is a no brainer. Mendenhall shouldnt have any problems either.
      WR- Bowe had a rough last week, but has been good up til then. Check on cassel’s status before game day though. Because playing with Croyle and against SD is not a good sign for him. If Cassel is playing go with Bowe and S Johnson with Wallace at Flex. If Cassel is out, I would strongly consider staring S Johnson and Wallace and putting Crabtree at flex.

      Hope it works out for you. Good luck.

  7. Dutchy

    I’ve been in this one league for 8 years straight and I’ve never made it out of the 1st round. I was hit very hard by RB injuries this year so my bench is weak.

    I need help, standard league. 2wr, 2rb, 1 wr/rb

    I’m starting for sure:
    Aaron Rogers
    Jamaal Charles
    Green Bay D
    Dan Carpenter
    Greg Olsen or Zack Miller

    I need to fill one RB and one WR/RB

    This is my remaining player list
    James Jones
    Blair White

    Keiland Williams
    Javaris James

    • Alright Dutchy. We are going to get you out of the first round. It has to happen. Injuries or not, lets do this.

      I’d use Crabtree as your W/R. Hes got a good matchup going for him this week. And Smith has been clicking with him.
      Your other RB slot leaves a little bit to be desired. I am not a believer in the handcuffing system which you obviously support. I think it is just a waste of roster spots. Hell, I hardly bother with any RBs that are going to be splitting time. Torain returned to practice, so he should start against Tampa, but is likely splitting with a handful of other RBs. Lynch and Forsett have a decent matchup, but neither have been hot this year. Javaris James is a good looking runner, unfortunately, the Colts dont run the ball. I would think about cleaning up at RB and going Waiver hunting. Tim Hightower could have a great game against a pretty soft Denver defense. James Starks is the new kid in GB that is getting a lot of attention. And if Felix Jones by some slim chance is available, he is worth grabbing.
      I really like the upside of Hightower here, but he is a pretty risky gamble. Starks is probably the safest even though he is the most unproven. I would pick him up if he is still available and plug him in.
      The rest of your team is very strong, so one gamble shouldnt hurt too bad.

      Zach Miller is still nursing that foot injury and is listed again as questionable this week, so roll with Olsen against a pretty crappy NE secondary.

      Good luck to you. Let me know how it all turns out for you on Tuesday.


    • Dutchy

      Well, make it 9 years of not making it to the second round…

      Rogers got hurt, I lost by 10 point. It’s safe to say that Aaron Rogers would have gotten more than 10 ff points in 2 1/2 quaters but that’s just my luck.

  8. matt

    Playoff Game. Who to start at flex spot, and why?

    Westy, Anthony Dixon, James Stark, Don Driver, Percy Harvin?

    • hey matt.

      Westbrook and Dixon are splitting time. The defense they are going up against is pretty soft, but its basically roulette as to with one of them to go with. I think Westbrook will get most of the attention, but some other sites will argue that.
      Starks is blowing up this week. Everyone wants a piece of him. He did look good, and could be the missing piece for GB, Detroit is a pretty nice matchup for him too. Doubt he will be listed as the starter though.
      Driver in my book is a better play that Harvin. He has a better matchup and knows who is QB is going to be this week.

      So this boils down to Driver vs Starks for me. Starks is still a bit of a gamble, Driver is still getting looks and proved last week that he can still make moves. I guess that in a GB/Det game, this is going to boil down to how the game is played. GB jumps out early with a couple scores. And runs the clock out. Giving Starks some extra looks. I’d roll with Starks in this one as a dark horse and hope he lives up to all the hype.

  9. John

    So I am really struggling with the RB position this week.

    In doing my research Ive found out that the Experts say Michael Bush (oak) Tashard Choice and Anthony Dixon are all plausible starters.

    I am starting Lesean McCoy and need 1 other. Bush/Choice/Dixon.

    Also in the WR category. Starting Lloyd and Wallace but need help on the third. Anthony Armstrong, Santana Moss, Blair White.

    Thanks I really need it as I am facing Vick, Peterson, LeBlount and Gates this week.

    • All three of the RBs you listed are backups. They all have nice matchups, but none of them are guaranteed over 10 carries. Of the three, I have Choice the highest.

      WR- Armstrong is the strongest of the three listed. Moss has been dwindling, and since Talib went down last week, Armstrong will be facing a backup CB. I am not a Blair White fan, I’ll just leave it at that.

  10. jeremy

    Orton or Flaaco?

    Orton killed me last week with his 2.5 points.


    • I know how you feel. The matchup this week is pretty good for him though. I really dont expect him to have 2 weeks like that in a row. Moreno will have a hell of a game this week, but I think they will have success throwing as well. Baltimore on the other hand is playing one of the worst secondaries in the league. So Flacco is a good bet too.

      If you dont feel comfortable going with Orton this week, Flacco is a great play. I’d almost recommend him over Orton straight up.

  11. dabad

    Still in the thick of the playoff race! With a win this week I clinch 3rd no matter what – with a loss, I would need others to lose – I would lose out in total points. Although unspectacular last week I got the W, happened to play someone less spectacular (We both had the least points for week 13) – whew!

    Lineup: .5pt ppr

    QB: P.Manning (C’mon man – you’re supposed to be top 10 NFL greatest)
    TE: J. Tamme
    RBs: Ray Rice, D.Mc
    WRs: Steve Johnson, P. Harvin
    Flex: J.Charles
    DEF: ATL

    I’m definite I need to play my 2 RBs along with Charles at flex, so WR is my dilemma.

    WR options: S. Johnson, Harvin, S.Rice, Jacoby Ford, H.Ward, Roy Williams. (after losing Dez last week – I was able to pick up Rice and Williams off waivers.

    Im probably being stubborn – but still going with S.Johnson. The other would probably be Harvin if he plays – Rice if Harvin sits. Comments, advice is much appreciated. Thx again!

    • Well, you got a good week out of Peyton already, so thats nice. Tamme was a little mediocre. Hopefully its PPR so you got a little out of it.

      I agree with S Johnson this week. I’m a little hesitant about both Rice and Harvin just because Favre hasnt thrown a pass all week long. Roy Williams is a bit of a gamble I think, but has been slightly productive this year with Kitna. Ward is so-so for me this week. Jacoby Ford has the surprise factor, but I dont see starting him over the others. I think you strategy of starting a Viking is probably your best bet. I would make it Harvin first, with Rice as your emergency if Harvin is out.

  12. MIt

    QB- Alex Smith,McNabb, or Favre?
    WR- MIke Wallace, kenny Britt, Malcom Floyd, Jacoby FOrd, Ochocinco, Crayton Patrick? PICK 2???

    RB- Ray Rice, Brian Westbrook, Moreno, Ahmad Bradshaw? Pick 2?


    DEf—Chicago? can get Cleveland, NE, Dallas, Bills, Jags, Arizona??


    • Smith at QB.
      Wallace and Floyd at WR
      Rice and Moreno at RB
      Bradshaw at Flex.

      I’d probably say that NE is at the top of this list for me. Its tough because the Bears have been turning it on as of late. Cleveland v. Buffalo would be next in line.

  13. monnone

    So are you saying I should start Orton this week? If so who should I go after on the wires?

  14. Ken

    1st place, 10-3, 1261 points, clinched the bye (this week). Im setting up for next week and (hopefully) the final in week 16. Not loving some of my week 15 matchups (though i am projected by yahoo to put up 92). Would love some thoughts:

    – Drew Brees

    WRS (play 2):
    – Greg Jennings
    – Brandon Lloyd
    – Terrell Owens
    – Hakeem Nicks

    RBS (play 2):
    – Peyton Hillis
    – Ahmad Bradshaw
    – Ray Rice
    – Legarrette Blount

    TE (play 1):
    – Todd Heap
    – Brandon Pettigrew (picked him up in case TH is out in 15, Watson was available as well)

    – Josh Brown (I dropped Nick Folk this week, he is still available, but I think I like Brown better)

    – Giants
    – Chicago

    I love my team, but am worried about wk 15.

    • Jennings should have a monster week.
      TO has the next best matchup, but I think you should go with Nicks if he is back up and healthy.

      Hillis v. Cincy is looking nice.
      Blount v. Detroit is a good matchup too.
      Hard to say sit Rice though. Especially in the playoffs. He hasnt been all that spectacular this year, but New Orleans can be run on a little bit.

      Pettigrew is a good pickup. I would expect Heap to be back by then. If you are PPR, Pettigrew will get you some points.

      Kicker is fine by me. Weather/Wind wont be a factor as they are playing at home

      Defense- Giants have been great all year, but Philly is a tough play in week 15. Chicago against MIN looks better. Tampa, Arizona and Dallas would also been good pickups.

  15. Dan

    Must win – this league is killing me. I’m top in points and 5th of 14 in this thing, need a win to have a chance.

    WR Dilemma (pick 3):

    Brandon Lloyd
    Miles Austin
    Mike Williams
    Jacoby Ford
    Sidney Rice

    It’s killing me. Help needed, though I usually don’t ask for it.

    • Glad to help. Remember to stick with your gut. I’m just here to make suggestions and give you my thoughts.

      For me its pretty clear cut as Lloyd, Austin and Williams. Lloyd and the Broncos should rebound against the pathetic Cardinals. Austin is again the true number one receiver with Dez going down with injury. Expect more balls his way. Williams has been a beast all year and the Redskin secondary is not doing so hot.
      Ford is a surprise, and the matchup is nice. But With the return of Murphy and Miller, he might see a little bit of a stall. He is a definite sleeper, but hard to play over the other three.
      Rice is going to be playing with either an injured Favre, or a backup, against the second best pass defense in the league.

  16. jayhawk4life59

    alright i have to win this week if i want any chance of the playoffs….and matt cassel’s injury couldnt have been worse…not only do i live in KC and love the chiefs, but i have Bowe and dont really trust brody croyle…plus i lost gore 2 weeks ago. so with that in mind i need some advice…

    QB – Orton
    RB – F.Jackson, BJGE, Westbrook, Benson, Lynch, P.Thomas
    WR – Wayne, Bowe, M.Williams(TB), Floyd

    I can start two WR and two RB, and a flex of whoever are not my starting two at WR and RB. Oh and wayne has obviously already played and Dixon and torain are Free agents. Thanks

    • F Jackson at RB. The other one is tough to say. BJGE could surprise, but unlikely. Pierre Thomas will return this week.. but the way Ivory has been playing, I expect him to not get most of the carries. Westbrook has a nice matchup, but its hard to tell which RB will get most of the work. Benson’s matchup is rough and he has been underperforming. Westbrook is a bit of a gamble, but after watching him last week, I say go for it. A bit poetic too since you lost Gore.

      If you dont like Bowe, dont play him. Your other three WRs are definitely good enough to justify him seeing the bench. Wayne already started. Decent statline, but not TDs. Williams has a good matchup, so nothing to be worried about there. Floyd had the game of his life in Week 5 against OAK. While that wont be repeated, and he is still probably not 100%, the Chargers are without V Jackson still, so Floyd could get some decent numbers.

  17. joe

    I already had p. manning and garcon start on thursday and they did pretty good.

    i need 2 more wrs and 2 rbs and one rb/wr flex option
    wrs: knox, mason, ochocinco, bess, steve smith(nyg), obomanu, mike williams(sea)

    rbs: bradshaw, jacobs, tolbert, and jones


    • I’d say they did pretty good too.

      Knox and Smith would play here for me. Unfortunately, Smith is still listed as questionable, and the game got pushed back to Monday, so if you do have him in your starting lineup, he is locked in there and youre screwed if he doesnt play. Ochocinco could surprise people this week, and I have him higher than I probably should. Mason has a nice matchup and could get some points up this week for you as well. Bess like always is a sleeper. If Marshall is back, he will draw Revis, meaning that Bess could have a productive game. If Marshall is out, Bess gets Revis and that is a no-no.

      RBs- Not very good matchups for any of your RBs this week. I’d go Bradshaw and Jones here.

      Flex could be any one of them. I’d make it a WR though.

  18. Sergio

    hey man.. i know its a little last call… but im in a PPR league and I need wr advice.. I have andre johnson and wes welker already in my lineup but i dunno if I should start, Roy Williams, Mario Manningham or Mike Thomas as my WR 3… also.. since frank gore is out I REALLY DONT KNOW if i should start j. stewart, westbrook, c. ivory or f. jackson (i need 2) i was leaning over stewart and ivory, but i think i might be loosing some ppr points by sitting westbrook and jackson… thanks man!!!

    • mike sims walker is back for jacksonville, so there is another guy to throw to in JAX. Roy Williams is an interesting option here. He gets along well with Kitna at QB. And Cowboys should have to pass the ball. Manningham’s game has been very delayed, giving time for Smith and Nicks to be upgraded from questionable, so there is a chance he will slow down greatly.
      I’d go Williams

      Stewart splits against a tough team. Westbrook has a good matchup, but its very hard to say which RB will get most of the work. Ivory has been very good, but will lose some momentum since Pierre Thomas is back. F Jackson hasnt been a bad option this year and could do some damage against CLE.
      Westbrook is the gamble here if you are comfortable with it. But I would say that your most consistent bet is F Jackson.

  19. jeremy

    Hey guys need some quick advice for a late game.

    Ivory or BJGE

    Orton or Flaaco


  20. jonathan

    schaub or flacco this week?

  21. jonathan

    I really don’t know who must play between tomlinson and best(lions).
    LT will play againts a toughrun DEF and best with is toe injury still risky?

    • Best is shaky on that toe. But he has a great matchup here.

      To be honest, I dont even have either of them in my top 25. Best would likely get the nod from me though based on matchup alone. No better options on your bench or waivers? Hightower, R. Brown, Jacobs? or even T. Choice?

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