Massive Midwest Snowstorm

Definitely time to start thinking about the weather when making your team.

Chicago forecast is calling for snow and up to 35 mph wind. Time to start thinking about some possible replacements for Chicago and New England players, especially kickers. Defenses get a boost though.

Games that may be affected are Cleveland/Buffalo with light rain and wind and Miami/New York Jets with wind, and Oakland/Jacksonville with rain and wind.

Cleveland and Buffalo likely stay about the same. Miami and the Jets could have some trouble throwing the ball in winds up to 20 mph. Oakland/Jacksonville could still be a high scorer, but with the rain and wind, expect more from the ground games than the passing attack. Congrats MJD owners.



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2 responses to “Massive Midwest Snowstorm

  1. td

    Instead of reading this and starting the Pats D, I started Denver D. and I lost to the last seed.

    • blegh. sorry man. one of my leagues i had only 1 loss going into a game and already had playoffs locked. i did like the denver matchup, and since i had nothing to lose, i went with it. -2 points later, i learned my lesson.

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