Playoff Time, Recap Time, ADVICE TIME!

Well, for some this is the first week of playoffs. So lets get that championship.

For others, last week was the 1st week, so I want to know how you did.

Hopefully my guys will get their heads up and start playing well. Philip Rivers slowed down at the absolute wrong time for me. And my guys are either having 15 point outings, or scoring less than 2 points a game.

So, this is a recap of last week post. and I might as well get started with advice time. As always, if you know anyone looking for a bit of a playoff boost and wants a second opinion, send them my way.





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72 responses to “Playoff Time, Recap Time, ADVICE TIME!

  1. Allan Basso


    Got the win last week and finished third (second in points).
    Jeff Reed, Garcon, Floyd and Pitt DEF all came through for me.
    Left Schaub on the bench again, and it was a wrong move again.
    And Gates not playing really hurt (I need him back this week)
    But in the end it didn’t matter.

    This week is the PLAYOFFS, baby!

    I got a terribly dificult matchup.
    My opponent has Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne playing at home vs Jac.
    Also Arian Foster and Mike Wallace.

    But my players have good matchups too, so I got a decent chance if a choose the right lineup.
    Your help is welcome.

    Freeman or Schaub?
    Garcon, Floyd, Woodhead, Austin or Harvin (pick 3)
    Benson, Blount, Woodhead, Forte or Choice (pick 2)
    Gates (Ben Watson is my backup)

    Thanks in advance

    • doesnt look like gates is going to make it. i had to pick up some bench talent. i like olsen and boss this week if either of them are available for you. owen daniels is back and might have been dropped in your league because of the injury, so he could make up for it as well.

      schaub kicked it up a notch last week, and could easily do it again against tennessee this week. i like freemans matchup. but its playoff time, and schaub should be the sure thing.
      garcon would be nice, hopefully he robs some points from wayne for you. manning is connecting with him more and more. floyd is still battling with the hamstring but should be good to go tonight, so use him. austin hasnt been seeing a lot of work, but its really hard to bench him over woodhead in this situation. he has a great matchup against washington this week and could light it up.
      at RB, youve got a nice matchup for benson, but he has been less than stellar recently. blount against detroit looks real nice. forte has the toughest matchup against minn. choice has a great matchup, but f jones should see most of the work this week. and woodhead again is very hard to bench here. Blount is a go for me. of the other 4, I would say run with woodhead. he has great upside and has been getting points consistently.
      i’d see if either of the TEs i mentioned are in FA, if not, you will have to roll with watson, gates is very doubtful this week.

      good luck

      • Allan Basso

        Thanks for your thoughts.
        I was off line the last couple of days so I just saw your response today.

        I got Owen Daniels on the waiver wire so I playing him.
        Since I was without internet yesterday, I set my team without Gates and Floyd for insurance. Glad I did that.

        So now I’m going with Austin, Garcon and Woodhead as WRs.

        That leaves me with Blount and Benson or Forte for RBS.
        I’m leaning towards Benson because of the matchup but mostly because Forte is losing goal line touches to Chester Taylor.
        Hopefully I can get 60yrds and 1 or 2TDs from Benson.

        Concerning QB, Freeman is the sure thing. He always give me something around 13-16 pts.
        Schaub has the higher ceiling though. He can give me 28 pts (if they get behind) or 4pts (if it is a blow out and Foster gets all the touches – worst scenario for me).
        So this is just a matter of how much risk do I want to take, I guess.

        In order to beat Manning maybe I have to go all in.

  2. @__GAME

    im in the CONSOLATION playoffs for my league and im fighting for the 7th place spot (aka THE FIRST PLACE loser spot) i dont care because im going to go out with a bang.

    i have three questions:
    Pick 3: Colston, S.Johnson, Ward, D. Branch

    Pick 2: T. Jones, R. Brown, L. McCoy, R. Torain

    as for QB i have Kyle Orton (2 week slumo)
    do i stick with his sorry ass, or go after Garrard, Cutler, Alex Smith.

    • colston, johnson, branch.
      mccoy and torain.

      i say stick with orton. cutler has a good chance this week though against minnesota, but after seeing what he did in cold weather last week, i’m not thrilled about him playing this game outdoors. smith is a no-no against SD.

  3. Zach

    I am in 2nd so had a first round bye (thank god). My team is worrying me. I will post my players and see who you think I should start.

    Aaron Rodgers
    Ben Roethlesberger
    Andre Johnson
    Mike Wallace
    Brandon lloyd
    Benjarvus Green-Ellis
    Jamaal Charles
    Legaroute Blount
    Joseph Addai
    Jacob Tamme
    Aaron Hernandez

    Positions available:

    Here is what i’m thinking:
    QB:Obviously depends on Rodgers condition
    WR: Andre Johnson
    RB:Jamaal Charles
    W/T:Mike Wallace

    The reason I don’t throw Lloyd in there is because Denver offense is downright awful. Don’t get me wrong, I am and have been a die hard Broncos fan my whole life, but they are downright imploding. Any advice would be much appreciated. I got this far and I seem to ALWAYS end up in 3rd place. Thanks man

    • rodgers is looking very very doubtful, so i doubt he will make it this sunday. roeth doesnt have a great matchup this week though, might be worth it to go fishing for a great matchup here like Kitna vs WAS, or even Collins vs HOU. Jets havent looked so hot lately, but are still tough against the pass.

      based on what you have now, this is my lineup suggestion, though i highly recommend looking for another qb:
      QB- Roethlisberger
      WR- A Johnson
      RB- Charles
      RB- BJGE
      TE- Tamme
      W/T- Wallace
      W/R- Lloyd

      if you are truly hating on Lloyd, then through Blount in there. OAK is definitely a tough matchup for the Broncos, so this move makes sense as Blount is facing a 120 ypg DET defense.

  4. cgi

    3rd place…need WR & TE advice – trying to block the #1 seed from picking up any TE’s.

    QB: Brady
    WR: Nicks
    WR: Floyd
    WR: Holmes, Garcon, Branch (if I get him off waivers), Manningham
    RB: Mendenhall
    RB: McCoy
    TE: Boss, (trying to pick up Daniels & Winslow off waivers)
    K: Akers
    DE: PIT

    • cgi

      was able to pick up my waiver claims.

    • cgi

      now I’m freaking out about playing Mendenhall – I have F.Jax and could pick up Hightower off waivers.

      Seriously, no idea who to go with at WR other than Nicks!

    • I’d roll with Garcon at your WR3 slot. He has looked good lately. Branch could be nice, but i love Garcon’s matchup.

      TE- Boss isnt a bad option here. Daniels is getting his reps, but had a ton of drops last week that was severely disappointing. Winslow has a great matchup as well.
      I’d say go with Winslow if you were able to pick him up. If not, stick with Boss.

  5. Sox

    Upset!!! Took out the #1 seed (I was 8th seed). Frankly, both of our teams underperformed horribly tonight. Actually, most of the teams in my league did. It was frustrating watching the games last night with all those 3-n-out’s and turnovers.

    WRs for semifinal:
    S. Johnson
    P. Garcon
    S. Rice (shakiest option due to QB situation)
    Other options – J. Ford, E. Bennett, D. Bess. Most likely replacement is E. Bennett. It’s too bad, because Rice looks great.

    TEs: Kevin Boss or Owen Daniels, leaning towards Daniels.
    DEF: New Orleans (@ BAL) or Dallas (vs WAS)


    • Congrats. thats awesome.

      I would take Rice out. Likely a 3rd stringer starting against the Bears defense is not a good play for the MIN WRs. Ford has a great matchup, and has been getting it done. But with Murphy and Miller back, you can see that he is losing a bit of ground. E. Bennett is the most consistent of the WRs in Chicago, and is a good play here, I say use him.

      I would go with Boss over Daniels. Both should get thrown to about the same. But TEs have been playing well against Philly recently with their beat up secondary and linebackers.
      DEF- Both options look good. NO is hitting their stride, but Baltimore can bring it. Dallas is a good play here. They have been creating turnovers and Washington isnt even announcing which QB will play, so the outcome looks pretty hopeful for them at home.

      • Sox

        Ended up getting Daniels taken out from under me anyway, so Boss it is. I dropped Ford for Mike Williams (SEA) and I may start him in place of Rice/Bennett.

      • Sox

        Hey quick last minute question, no worries if you can’t get to me in time.

        Cassel is active but nobody knows how much he’ll actually be able to play. Charles had one of his worst fantasy games of the season last week without him…I have Torain, would he be a safer start or do you think the Chiefs will run it better this week regardless of who’s playing QB?

      • Everything that i’m reading says questionable. but he just led the Chiefs out of the tunnel. thats a good sign for me.
        I honestly would not start him at QB, but skill positions, I would say are a go. I am starting Bowe in one of my leagues. I think you have to run with it and hope Cassel doesnt get hit too much.

      • Sox

        good deal, thanks.

  6. Jack

    As a rookie in FF I am stoked I made it to the semi-final. The #2 seed, had the bye last week. Here is what I’m thinking is my best options. 2 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 WR/TE. I wont bother listing D or DEF..

    QB: I’m short on QB options but I plan to roll with Shaub and Freeman, I have Alex smith on the bench. Good Call?

    RB: MJD, Lesean McCoy, and Knowshon Moreno – MDJ and McCoy or MJD and Moreno?

    WR/TE: Brandon Lloyd, Marques Colston, Jacob Tamme and Mike Williams(TB) —- Lloyd is a scary call right now because Orton cant make a play, what do you think? My gut says to roll with him anyways along with Colston and Tamme and leaving Williams on the bench.. What do you think?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Congrats. Thats huge.

      QB- I agree that you have to sit Smith this week against SD. I expect good things out of both your starters.
      RB- MJD didnt practice yesterday with a banged up knee, but I would expect him to be fine to play on Sunday, keep an eye on that. The matchup is great. If he doesnt play, youll have to start the other 2. If he does play, match him with Moreno. He has been the only bright spot for Denver recently, and Oakland is definitely beatable on the ground. McCoy has been solid, but the matchup is rough.
      WR/TE- Lloyd hasnt looked great, you are right. But its hard to sit him. I think that Mike Williams will rebound from last weeks mess and perform well against DET. Colston is a must, and Tamme should start at your flex spot. The other WR is pretty much a toss up here. After seeing how orton has been playing, and the matchup against Oakland, I think you should go with Williams. But… I dont want to argue with your gut. It could go either way. Denver could rebound against OAK, or they could continue to crumble.

      I know you didnt list you K or DEF. Just remember to take these positions seriously. Use the waivers like its your bench and pick the best option here.

      • Jack

        Thanks! I didnt bother with the D, DEF or kicker because I’m already set on those positions and the pickin’s are slim.

        k – Josh Brown (matchup indoors against KC)
        DEF – Chicago (which I think will do good agaist a crumnbling MIN offense)

        and D, Brian Urlacher

  7. Raj

    Hey Guys,

    This is a huge week for me, had the first round by with the first seed and need to put up a good showing. Here is who I have starting and benched so far:

    QB Drew Brees
    WR1 Roddy White
    WR2 Greg Jennings
    RB1 Arian Foster
    RB2 Jamaal Charles
    TE Vernon Davis
    Flex Ryan Torain
    K David Akers
    Def Chicago

    BN Brandon Lloyd
    BN BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    BN Pierre Garcon
    BN Matt Ryan
    BN Austin Collie
    BN NYJ Defense

    So I just benched Brandon Lloyd in favor of Ryan Torian in the flex spot, smart move? Also you think Pierre Garcon or BenJarvus would be better fits in my lineup than what I have? Finally I am leaning towards Chicago defense over Jets especially if Favre continues to be out but could use a second opinion. I apologize for the long post and appreciate any insight. Here’s to me being back week 16 for advice on the championship!!

    • This lineup is rediculous. I dont think you are here for advice. you are here to brag.
      You have 4 players on your bench that could easily make your starting lineup.

      I think your DEF is solid. Minnesota should be rolling with their third string QB, so I like Chicago a lot this week.

      Flex is interesting here, because you are guessing which of 4 starters is going to have the best week. I am from the school of thought that a Flex should go to a WR, especially if you are PPR. So I would think that Garcon should take the spot with a great matchup against JAX. But, a case could be made for torain who is coming of a great week and playing a beatable defense. and BJGE, since the Packers are not impressive against hard-running RBs.
      Any of them would be good plays here. I would put Garcon or BJGE in before Torain though.

      Good luck

  8. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    Wow this stuff is exciting. This week I will be taking on a heavy matchup for the first round of playoffs.
    I need YOUR advice, please.
    At WR I am tempted to play Vincent Jackson over Calvin Johnson. The reasoning I have there is he is pretty much the healthiest guy on the field (fluke injury on his first day back) while everyone has played the 13 games in the season so far. PICK 3: Calvin Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Mike Wallace (TB), Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin.

    At RB I assume to start AP and Hillis. (Side note I picked up James Starks last week and sat AP. would have been wise but Starks didn’t do squat.) PICK 2: Adrian Peterson, Peyton Hillis, LeGarette Blount.

    In the TE position I would assume to play Jacob Tamme, but I do also have Aaron Hernandez and it might be his week over Rob Grankowski to take the spotlight. PICK 1: Aaron Hernandez or Jacob Tamme.

    At the DEF spot I will have Tampa Bay (vs Detroit) or Miami (vs. Buffalo). So who to pick: Tampa Bay or Miami.

    • Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

      Would you take Arizona at Def over Miami or TB?

      • Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

        I am going to freak out- Joe Webb is listed as a QB and WR. I picked him up, too. So change of questions for you (in case Webb starts Monday)
        WR pick two and optional 3rd for if Webb doesn’t start: C Johnson, D Jackson, Mike Wallace (TB), Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin.
        RB pick 2-I am thinking of sitting AP for Blount: A Peterson, P Hillis, L Blount.

      • I already gave you my picks, and they do not change with the inclusion of Webb.

        Yeah he is a QB listed as a WR…. that doesnt mean that he is going to be any good at QB. He is a 3rd stringer. Playing outdoors in the cold. Against the Bears defense.

    • I think you can play them both. I’d go Calvin Johnson, DeSean Jackson, and Vincent Jackson in this one. It is hard to sit Austin against Washington, but your lineup makes it ok. Austin has not been putting up points and its justified to bench him here. Mike Williams* in TB was all but shut down last week, and DET should key in on him like WAS did last week.

      RB- AP and Hillis is a pretty great duo. Peterson is going to have a hell of a time running against the Bears with nearly no passing game to support him, but hopefully he can pull it together. I do like Blount’s matchup, but I think you have to play AP over him.

      TE- Tamme has to be the guy here. Hernandez is always a gamble, and I think that Gronk will see more time since he will be in to block against the GB defense.

      I’m not huge on either of these defenses and think there could be some better plays in Waivers. If NE is there, snatch them up right now. I also like the Browns this week if they are available. If not. I’d roll with Miami over TB.

  9. Sergio

    Hi, here’s my team PPR league
    QB: Shuab, Kitna
    WR: A. Johnson
    WR: Wes Welker
    WR: K. britt, sims walker, knox or roy williams
    RB: f. jackson
    RB: j. stewart, westbrook, best, addai, or tim hightower
    TE: daniels or cooley
    K: Akers
    DE: baltimore or giants

    with my shuab/andre johnson duo I won my first playoff game, but i have wr3, rb2, te and def teams problems… help! LOL thanks again man!

    • I’d expect more of the same out of Schaub and Johnson. Go with both of them.
      At the other WR spots, I think Welker is a good play, and Britt has a nice matchup. Hopefully Collins can get it to him. Knox has a tough, but doable matchup. SimsWalker is a sit for me. And Roy Williams does have upside as the #2 and a great matchup. But I dont think there is a more unreliable player in the NFL.
      RB- I like Jonathan Stewart a lot this week. F Jackson is probably the next best bet. He has a tough matchup though. I like Best’s matchup a lot, but Maurice Morris could steal a lot from him, so that is iffy.
      TE- Both are nice options. I like Daniels in this one. But consider them neck and neck.
      Defense- Neither have very promising matchups. Baltimore is a pretty throwaway defense because of a lack of turnovers. If I were you, I’d go fishing and hope the Browns or Patriots were available. I even have the Cowboys and Cardinals higher than either of your DEFs.

      Best of luck to you.

  10. Ryan

    I need to start 2 out of these 4 WRs. 1 point per reception and I get Kickoff return yards.

    Jacoby Ford vs Den
    Danny Woodhead vs GB
    Sidney Rice vs CHI
    Donald Driver vs Dal

    • Ford has to be one of them if return yards are involved. I would give the second spot to woodhead over driver and rice. Both of them will be operating with backup quarterbacks and have a struggle against good defenses.

  11. Scotty

    Hows your fantasy team looking going into the playoffs?
    I got to figure out who to start in my #2 WR spot. Do you mind giving me your opinion on these WR…

    Brandon Marshall vs Buf
    Vincent Jackson vs SF
    Kenny Britt vs Hou
    Michael Crabtree vs SD

    I am loving Britt’s match-up this week but Tenn passing has been awful since Young went out. Marshall also has a decent match-up. I do like Jackson this week given he can put up big points on anyone and will break out for a TD soon. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks for all the help this year. I’ll continue to spread the word around to my friends that are not in my league. Good luck in the playoffs.

    • My teams are pretty solid right now. Rivers has me nervous, but hopefully with V Jackson back, he will kick it up a little against SF. Everything else is pretty kosher, I’ve had good luck this year with all my teams except for one of them that was absolutely hammered by injuries. I managed to pull together a good group of backups though and am holding down the 3rd place spot going into the playoffs. Thanks for asking.

      Marshall has been less than impressive all season. He is to blame a little for it, and the QB play has been pretty rough. Buffalo has a good secondary, so I dont have him very high this week.
      V Jackson, like I said before could show up this week. He is by far the healthiest guy on the field. And as long as his past injury doesnt linger at all, he should have a great game.
      K Britt, love the matchup. But I cant help but worry about the QB. Still, against HOU, he could go back to his first half form.
      Crabtree is out for me. He could get lucky, but SD is a very tough matchup and I dont see a lot of upside.

      It is a toss up for me between Jackson and Britt. And while everything statistical says to go with Britt and his great matchup. I just have a feeling about Jackson.

      Best of luck to you. Make sure you let me know what you go with.

  12. strag

    Jamaal Charles (vs. STL)
    Deion Branch (vs. GB) (I’ve got Tom Brady as QB)

    • Flex has to go to Charles for me. Who are your starting RBs if he is bumped down to a flex option?

      • strag

        Arian Foster & Ray Rice

      • strag

        And what would you say for TE:
        Kevin Boss (vs. Phi)
        Zach Miller (vs. Den)

      • Yeah. Go with Charles at the Flex.

        I’d take Boss at TE. One of the receivers is out for this one, giving him more looks. And PHI can be scored on from the TE position. I think he has a good chance to get one in the end zone this week. Unfortunately, there seems to be no middle ground with Boss, so its either 6 catches 80 yards and a score, or 2 catches for 15 yards.
        Hope its the former.

  13. TD

    Thanks to Rodgers getting pummeled and a few good picks on my end, I made the wildcard. My lineups are pretty set at this point–but could use some advice on my flex spots.

    One on team I have Blount or JStewart–who do you like?

    I am clueless on the WR2 spot on another team… L Fitz, Maclin, M Williams (TB), or D Woodhead?

    What do you think about Dixon this week in normal formats?

    • TD

      A quick addendum to my first question– I actually have Ray Rice, Blount, F Jackson, and Jstew. I can start 3 and am liking Blount, Jstew, and Rice the most.

    • I agree with your idea of Blount Stewart and Rice at RB on your first team.
      Liking all their matchups better than F Jackson.

      WR2… tough call. Maclin could have a great game against NYG since they will all have their eyes on Jackson. Williams is the only weapon on TB and Washington laid down the blueprint to holding him back. Woodhead is always a dark horse in fantasy, but hard to start over these guys. I’m liking Fitz matchup, but I cant trust that QB.
      I’d go with Maclin this week and hope that D Jackson diverts the attention.

      I am not a Dixon fan this week. He is sharing carries and up against a killer matchup.

  14. Justin

    ok.. i won last week in playoffs somewhow.. but this week i got the #1 seed and he is 12-1 and hasnt lost since week 6. so its going to be tough for me (i ended season 5-8)

    QB schaub
    WR Desean Jackson
    WR H Nicks
    RB rice
    TE M Lewis
    W/T Mike Williams (tb)
    W/R Steven Jackson

    Stevie Johnson
    Carson Palmer

    do i start any bench guys over who i have?

    League #2

    I need 4

    Calvin Johnson
    D Bowe
    Greg Jennings
    M Colston
    S Holmes
    P Garcon

    im thinking

    in debate between garcon and jennings (if rodgers dont play)

    thanks again and thanks for ur help all season

    • I think your first lineup is solid. S Johnson and Mike Williams would be the only 2 I’d consider switching, but they are pretty much neck and neck in my mind. Manningham could arise as a sleeper since he is back at a #2 spot where he thrives. But I wouldnt start him over any of the others.

      League 2 – Johnson, Bowe (if Cassel is back), Colston and Garcon.

      I highly doubt that Rodgers is going to see the field. leaving Jennings out in the cold. Cassel is looking tender, but could play. if not.. you should throw Holmes in.
      Its tough having injuries to other players dictate your lineup, but I think you have the depth to make it work.

      Good luck.

  15. John

    Pick 1

    Big ben

    Pick 3
    Braylon edwards
    jacoby ford
    malcom floyd

    Pick 2
    j stewart

    Thinking cassel if he starts if not freeman. Thinking jacobs and stewart. What say you? Thinking colston for sure and probly Floyd. not sure bout the last spot. Appreciate all the help. thanks!

    • If Cassel plays, you should go with him. But he is likely a game time decision, so I’d put Freeman in there for now. I do not like Big Ben this week.

      Britt has a great matchup, just hope that Collins can get it to him.
      Colston is consistent and the Saints are streaking, matchup is tough though, but Johnson tore them up.
      Floyd has a decent matchup and will have relieved pressure since Jackson is back.
      These three would be my starters, Edwards has a tough matchup, Boldin has a tough matchup and hasnt been getting the ball. Ford is alright, but I wouldnt play him over any of the others.

      Stewart is a great start this week. Then its a toss up for me between Tolbert and Jacobs. Tolbert should get most of the looks and all of the goal line, but that is very unpredictable. Bradshaw says that last week’s injury was nothing, so he should carry most of the load against Philly, but Jacobs always has an upside. I’d probably stick to Jacobs though.

  16. jayhawk4life59

    made the playoffs…no thanks to losing gore and bowe and orton completely killing me the last 2 weeks…anyways i need some help.

    QB – Matty Ice
    RB – F. Jackson, BJGE, Torain, P.Thomas, Benson
    WR – Wayne, Bowe, Floyd, M. Williams(TB)
    TE – V.Davis
    D – Atlanta

    This is a standard league, i can play 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex. And do you think atlanta is safe again to roll with, they play the Seahawks

    • Congrats on the win. Tough luck with the poor play timing.

      RB- BJGE and Torain
      WR- Wayne and Bowe (if Cassel plays)
      Flex- Floyd (if you sit Bowe, then put Williams here and Floyd in your WR spot)
      Atlanta is a good play this week at DEF and should do well.

  17. jeremy

    Well I came up two points short in my ESPN League, but I am in the semifinals for my NFL PPR League. Need some help this week.

    QB I have Flaaco but I don’t like his matchup, would you play one of these waiver wire guys or stick with Flaaco.

    Eli Manning

    Also what Defense do you like

    Falcons, Giants, Raiders,Vikings, Browns,

    WR: Garcon or Nicks

    Thanks for all your help this year.

    • Congrats.

      I like Kitna against Washington and Freeman this week. Kitna hasnt put up great numbers since Dez has been out though. Cowboys could choose to run a lot. I picked up freeman in place of eli in one of my leagues. So i’m definitely pulling for him. Based on matchup and stats, I think Kitna could be worth the risk here.

      Browns are probably the best bet I think.

      WR would be Nicks.

      Youre welcome. Thanks for staying with us.

  18. Zach

    pick 1:
    Eli or Big Ben

    pick 3:
    Andre Johnson
    Reggie Wayne
    Wes Welker
    Kenny Britt
    Sidney Rice

    pick 2:
    Arian Foster
    Darren McFadden
    Lesean McCoy
    Mike Tolbert
    LeGarrette Blount

    I don’t want to get too cute and start Britt over Welker, even though he is going against Houston. What do you think? It also seems like I’m stuck with Celek at TE for the time being. I also have the Giants D/ST, so do you think there are any possible wire pickups to spot start in the playoffs?


    • QB – Eli
      WR – Johnson, Wayne, Welker
      RB – Foster, McFadden.

      I think its pretty straight forward for you this week. I know what you mean about Britt and Welker. Britt has the matchup in front of him. But its hard to trust Collins getting the ball to him. Houston didnt look half bad against Baltimore last week either. Britt is a gamble, no doubt, but Welker isnt exactly a stretch, he should perform solidly.
      An upgrade at TE would be nice, but its all depends on what is available to you. I have Olsen, Winslow, Boss, Daniels, and Cooley ahead of him, if any of those names are available. Even reaching for Watson or Gronkowski might be a good decision here.
      Defense is pretty much all matchup based. If Cleveland is out there, go grab them. Same with New England. The Giants always have potential to do well, and the Cowboys showed a way to stop Vick at least a little, so they could do well. There are about 8 teams though with better chances.

  19. Ryan

    Is Joe Webb worth a pickup as a WR?

    In my league, QBs get .5 point for every completion they make, so QBs almost always score the most points.

    I can insert Webb into either Danny Woodhead or Jacoby Ford’s spot. Do you think this is worth a shot ?

    • I’m anti-Webb, but your league offers a unique scenario with the points for completion. So lets break this down a little bit. Chicago is giving up roughly 23 completions per game. However, I’d knock a few of them out of the picture considering that Webb is a 3rd string QB. So, lets be safe, and say he complete 18 passes. That is 9 points for you. He is a running threat and will likely do that for 30 or so yards. so we’re up to 10 points. Looking at yards per game by backups this year, I think saying 175 is being generous. up to 17 points. Chicago is good for 2+ picks against him or a fumble. He could see a TD. And is playing in the cold.. So I see him scoring between 12-17 points this week, assuming your scoring system is similar to other formats. So… if you think that that will beat your other players… go for it.

  20. Mike

    BJGE, Bradshaw, Mendenhall
    Pick 2

    • Honestly… I’m going to bench Mendenhall on this one. He has been far from extraordinary recently. And the Jets arent the best of matchups. I’d go with Bradshaw against Philly and BJGE against a GB team who can give up a bunch of yards to bigger backs.

  21. Ryan

    QB situation here. We get .5 points per completed pass for QB’s.

    So In my league u basically have to start a QB in the FLEX spot cause they always score the most. I was playing Aaron Rodgers and rotating Kitna/Flacco in my FLEX spot all season. Now with ROdgers hurt, and FLacco having a bad matchup against NO, should I pick up one of these QB’s off the waiver wire ? –

    Kerry Collins vs HOU
    or Matt Hasselbeck vs ATL ?

    • I think that Flacco could surprise, and likely pass the ball a lot. But if he couldnt get going against HOU, then I doubt he could against NO. Collins has a great matchup, but he hasnt been all that impressive as of late. Big upside with the matchup against HOU, but its hard to imagine he’ll put up astronomical numbers. Hasselbeck has his favorite weapons back and healthy. And as far as matchups go, ATL gives him a chance.

      As far as the completions per game goes. Flacco and Hasselbeck get about 21 per game. Collins gets only 14. So you are getting 3-4 more points starting one of those 2. I think Flacco is the least of a gamble here, even with that matchup. But I like Hasselbeck this week in your format. Good upside, and they will likely throw the ball more than usual.

  22. Ryan

    Counting on your help this week…

    QB (1): Vick or Brees
    RB (2): Hillis, Torain, Mendenhall
    WR (2): Bowe, Collie, M. Wallace, Stevie Johnson
    Flex (1): Any RB or WR above

    Right now I’ve got Bowe (assuming Cassel plays), Collie, M. Wallace, Hillis and Torain. Looking forward to your advice.


    • Better late than never.

      I’m honestly likeing Brees more in this one. After seeing what Houston did to Baltimore last week, I think their secondary isnt that intimidating, and if NO goes to the air, they can dominate. Vick always has good potential to do damage, but the Giants have publicly vowed to go after him, to the point of injury. And I dont see them getting that much done.

      Hillis should be good. Torain could see another great week, but check on his status, last I heard he was questionable. Mendenhall has a tough draw and hasnt been doing much lately. I’d start Hillis and Torain if he can go.

      If Cassel Plays, you have to go with Bowe. I’d throw S. Johnson is as your #2.

      Flex would be Wallace.

      Of course all this changes if Cassel doesnt play, or Torain is out/limited. So be cautious around game time.

  23. Ratcliffe2005

    Not Sure if you’ll be able to answer this for me.

    WR(3): H. Nicks, J. Maclin, D. Branch, K. Britt, A. Collie.

    WR(3): Calvin, M. Williams (TB), M. Thomas, D. Woodhead, D. Mason, S. Moss.

    • Ratcliffe2005

      QB: Eli, Kitna, or Collins.

    • of course i can.

      1) Nicks, Maclin, Britt. I have Branch out just because of the weather and matchup. Nicks should have no issues. I expect Maclin to outscore D. Jackson. and Britt has huge huge upside this week against Houston, it all lies in Collins’ hands.

      2) Calvin Johnson, M Williams, S Moss. I always tell myself that this will be the week I start Woodhead, but it never comes around. Mason looked great last week, but has a tough matchup here. Thomas, I dont expect much out of. Calvin has a great matchup and is pretty impossible to sit. Williams, also, nice matchup, and has been pretty damn consistent especially for a rookie. S. Moss has a bad habit of always getting it done against the Cowboys. Always. Its ridiculous.

      QB: I’m liking Kitna in this one. Collins has the best matchup, but isnt much of a passer anymore. He might have to a lot more this week, but he’s kind of sketchy for me to start. Eli has a tough matchup. His weapons are back, but he looks shaky, and only threw for 150 last time against them. Kitna has a great matchup, and the Cowboys are playing with nothing to lose. I expect his highest numbers in recent weeks this week.

  24. Raj

    So I got one more question, got a chance to pick up Kenny Britt. Would it be better to start. If I did Id have to pick between him, Garcon, and BJE for two spots. How would you proceed in a ppr league?

    • I think Britt could have a killer week this week. But its high risk for me with Collins at QB, and HOU shutting it down last week. I’d say go ahead and pick him up and play him with Garcon. Hopefully both will have good weeks. Garcon killed last week and i want to see him continue that. BJGE has good potential this week against GB, but I think that if you are PPR you have to play WRs at your flex spots.

  25. Joe

    I have a tough match up this week, who has beaten me twice already this season and this is a must win for me. Here is my line up please tell me what you think. Any help as always is greatly appreciated. I feel I’m set with D, TE, and K: playing NE, M. Lewis, and M. Bryant.
    Brady or Vick
    A. Foster BN
    D. McFadden Fred Jackson
    WR BN
    D. Branch Derrik Mason Roy Williams
    K. Britt Johny Knox
    M. Williams(TB) Braylon Edwards

    • Youve lost to him twice, so now might be the time to take the gambles. High upside over consistency. I always hate playing like that, but sometimes its necessary.

      Vick over Brady this week. Both should do pretty well. Vick has a tough matchup, but I still like him.
      I dont know how many of each position you start, so I’ll just list them in the order I like them: Foster, McFadden, Jackson
      WR: Britt, Williams, Branch,Williams, Mason, Edwards

      DEF, TE, and K are solid. I think you have a chance to pull this one off. I like your matchups. Foster and McFadden would be a killer RB duo this week. And the top 4 WRs on your list are big time sleepers.

  26. Ratcliffe2005

    Solid Picks! Sadly I had to work early this morning and didn’t get to see them and thus left my roster as it was.

    Tis alright, I won both games! Both leagues headed to the Fantasy Championship game. (Started Branch over Britt (Loss), and Woodhead over S. Moss (Loss).

    Luckily E. Manning pulled one off. though Foster and Hillis have been more of a handicap the past two weeks than the godsend they were leading up to the post season. J. Charles has actually out performed 1 or both the last couple weeks. Eeks!

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