Week 15 Wrap Up, Week 16 Advice Time.

I’m assuming that this is the last week of the fantasy season for most of you. I dont know what the hell i’m going to do with myself for the rest of the year now. Ideas are welcome. You all should totally keep checking in though. Just in case I have some sort of breakthrough. I’d hate for you to miss it.

So… my best team lost last week in the playoffs. Went into the game with just one loss. Up against a team that was 8-6. He had Ray Rice and Michael Vick… I had Dwayne Wade and Arian Foster. Sigh.

I did get my revenge on Jordan by over 40 points, and my other team 2 won pretty soundly as well. I suppose thats not too bad, fighting for third in one league, and going for the championship in 3 others. I’m allowed to brag about this.

Go ahead and post all your final questions. Give your final GHL advice, and remember to bookmark us for next year. And keep checking in. Do it. Unless any of you bastards went against my word and threw in Joe Webb. Consider this your disownment.



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20 responses to “Week 15 Wrap Up, Week 16 Advice Time.

  1. Justin

    ok so in my one league i was 5-8 5th out of 6 spot barely making playoffs. well the fantasy gods were with my last week as i took at the first place 12-1 team by 60 points. now im in championship playing #2 guy


    Qb schaub
    WR desean jackson
    WR hakeem nicks
    RB ray rice
    TE marcedes lewis
    W/T mike williams (tb)
    W/R steven jackson

    would u replace any of those with any of these.

    stevie johnson
    danny woodhead
    carson palmer
    pierre thomas

    league 2

    QB (pick 2)
    big ben
    eli manning
    tim tebow

    WR (pick 1)

    RB (pick 1)

    as always thanks again.. u helped me get to championship of one league and at the top of another

  2. Zach

    I made the finals! So much for 3rd place 5 years in a row, I have a chance now for some big bucks. I’m 2nd place going up against the guy that has been in 1st ALL YEAR. First off, great advice last week. Now to my roster/lineup:

    Aaron Rodgers
    Ben Roethlesberger
    Jon Kitna
    Andre Johnson
    Mike Wallace
    Brandon lloyd
    Benjarvus Green-Ellis
    Jamaal Charles
    Legaroute Blount
    Joseph Addai
    Jacob Tamme
    Aaron Hernandez

    Positions available:

    Since it’s the finals I think it’s appropriate to post my opponents roster. His current lineup is:

    Tom Brady
    Roddy White
    Arian Foster
    Darren McFadden
    Kellen Winslow
    Dwayne Bowe
    Ray Rice

    OK, obviously odds are in his favor but I thought I would go down last week and I kinda dominated. I welcome your lineup advice. Haven’t thought much about it except that Tamme has been bad past few weeks and while I know Hernandez is hit or miss, I may have to take a chance on him so that if my opponents QB is throwing TDs, some may be to my TE. Other than that, HELP! Thanks again.


  3. @__GAME

    i just want to say something before i ask for one last piece of advice…TIM TEBOW 24 pts BABY!!!! yenno i put dude in 5 minutes before the game started and i had you might say BETTER options…cutler, garrard..etc. THATS wuts up.

    i made it to the finals in the consolation playoffs….lol. so just got one question. mike thomas or hines ward? r. brown or ryan torain?

  4. cgi

    Thanks for all the advice this year – already bookmarked in my del.icio.us. In the championship game (barring any stat changes come Wed night – only up by .52pts!).

    WR & TE advice again…
    I’m iffy on Nicks because I played Branch last week and you saw what the GB Def did to him. No clue who to play at WR – seriously. Do I really want to trust Garcon in the final game? At least in our league we’re doing an 80/20 share of the pot for 1st and 2nd. My gut tells me to play Hernandez if I get him off waivers. Most of guys have an easy schedule, but my opponent does have Vick & AP.

    QB: Brady
    WR: Nicks v.GB, Floyd v.CIN, Holmes v.CHI, Branch v.BUF, Garcon v.OAK, Manningham
    RB: Mendenhall, McCoy
    TE: Boss, Winslow, Daniels (gonna pick up Hernandez if I can – opponent has Gronkowski)>
    K: Akers

  5. Jack


    Well the Semi’s royally @#%$’ed me..
    MJD crapped out, Knowshon crapped out but I’m still fighting for 3rd.

    Week 16 lineup Q’s
    QB Shaub
    QB Freeman, Tebow or Shaun hill ? I’m thinking Freeman or Hill
    WR Marques Colston
    WR Mike Williams (TB)
    WR/T Brandon Lloyd or Jacob Tamme?
    RB MJD
    RB Lesean McCoy
    K Josh Brown or Nate Kaeding? Shayne Graham is also available
    DEF Philly
    D Urlacher

    Have any advice?


  6. TD

    No questions from me. Just wanted to say that I have gone with your advice almost every time–and am now in the Championship Round. I lost many players to injury this year (Gore and Finley to name two…) and still was able to figure things out, thanks in large part to your WHO TO START advice.

    Best of luck, see you next year.


  7. Sox

    In the championship.

    WRs – Pick 3: Garcon, M. Williams (SEA), D. Bess, E. Bennett, S. Johnson, S. Rice, J. Webb.

    Thinking either Johnson, Williams, Garcon or some other combination throwing Webb in the mix. Even with 3 sack’s and 2 int’s, Webb at 11-something points in my league last night.

    TE – Kevin Boss or Aaron Hernandez. Boss seems like a safer play but Hernandez has higher upside.

    TB DEF.

    It’s pretty funny that I’ve made it this far with my crappy record!

  8. Allan Basso

    Championship, Baby!

    Pretty sound victory, even with Pitt Defense and Jeff Reed disapointing.
    Glad I used Joe Webb because he gave me almost 12,6 and was my best “WR”.

    This week I up agains the #1 guy. Just two losses all year.
    But I do stand a chance.
    My rosters:
    QB – Schaub or Freeman
    WR – Austin, Garcon, Webb, Floyd or Woodhead
    RB – Blount, Woodhead, Forte, Benson or Hightower
    TE – Gates (hope he plays) or Owen Daniels

    His team, up until now: Big Ben (he has Rivers), Roddy White, VJax, Deion Branch, Jamal Charles, Peyton Hilis, Ben Watson, David Buehler and Mia DEF.

  9. @__GAME

    timeout….dwayne wade….like from the miami heat? NICE!

  10. jayhawk4life59

    i won in a miraculous turn of events…i was down .36 points sunday night and thought it was over…woke up, yahoo added up my oppenents score and i won by 1.64. anyways need some help…

    QB – Ryan, Freeman
    RB – BJGE, Torain, F.Jackson, Benson, Westbrook
    WR – Bowe, Wayne, M.Williams(TB), Floyd
    TE – V.Davis
    Defense – not much on waivers right now, down to, Atl, Dal, STL, TB, ARI, CLE, N.O., Mia, Hou. I was kinda thinking dallas or TB, but not thrilled about any of them.
    Anyways, thanks for the help this season

  11. Ken

    In the superbowl, would appreciate your thoughts:

    My Team:
    – Drew Brees

    WR (pick 2):
    – Hakeem Nicks
    – Brandon Lloyd
    – Derrick Mason
    – Greg Jennings

    RB (pick 2):
    – Peyton Hillis
    – Ray Rice
    – Ahmad Bradshaw
    – Legarrette Blount

    TE (pick 1):
    – Aaron Hernandez
    – Brandon Pettigrew

    DE (pick 1):
    – Giants
    – Chicago

    – Josh Brown

    His Team:
    – Joe Flacco
    – Mike Wallace
    – Wes Welker
    – Rashard Mendenhall
    – Fred Jackson
    – Zach Miller
    – Matt Bryant
    – New England D

  12. Zach

    so i’m in the finals against the other best team throughout the year..would appreciate some help.

    pick 1:
    eli or big ben (i’m not too thrilled with either matchup)

    pick 3:
    andre johnson
    reggie wayne
    kenny britt
    wes welker
    sidney rice

    pick 2:
    arian foster
    darren mcfadden
    lesean mccoy
    legarette blount

    pick 1:
    kevin boss
    brent celek

    david akers

    san diego

    his team:
    mike vick
    greg jennings
    calvin johnson
    desean jackson
    rashard mendenhall
    jacob tamme
    neil rackers

    i’m not crazy about either eli at GB or big ben against CAR (they’ve been surprisingly good against the pass and ben hasn’t played too well lately). the only plausible option on the wire is tebow, who plays against houston. should i go for the cutesy upside or play one of the guys who got me here?

  13. Raj

    Well I’m back, so that only means one thing. The championship is untreaded ground for me so a win would be all that sweeter. First here is my line-up:

    QB Drew Brees
    RB Arian Foster
    RB Jamaal Charles
    WR Roddy White
    WR Greg Jennings
    TE Vernon Davis
    Flex BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    K David Akers
    Def Chicago

    BN Brandon Lloyd
    BN Kenny Britt
    BN Ryan Torain
    BN Pierre Garcon
    BN Derrik Ward (handcuff for Foster)
    BN Jets Defense

    So I know how yall said my team was ridiculous last week but truly Im not here to brag,ok maybe just a little, but seriously I’m going against a guy with Vick who can put up some serious competition. Really the only positions I am unsure on are flex and defense. I am in a ppr league and I know that makes a WR more valuable in the flex spot so would one of my bench players serve better here and which one in your opinion? Also the Chicago def Vs Jets or Jets vs chicago? I’m leaning towards Chicago since they are at home. If you see anything else, I’d love to hear. Thanks for all the advice this year and I will definitely be back next!

  14. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    At WR who should I be playing? I am leaning towards C Johnson, V Jackson, and D Jackson. What is your take on thing -3 of them please: DeSean Jackson, Calvin Johnson, Mike Williams (TB), Miles Austin, Vincent Jackson, (Webb in the mix too)?

    Here are my running backs: Adrian Peterson, Peyton Hillis, and Rashard Jennings. I could pick up Ward to add to the mix. I got two slots for RB and I’d be close to starting Jennings over Peterson thinking if he does get 1 more TD making it 58 on the year and a record for the vikings Gerhart will more in for more touches. So your thoughts there, please.

    Lastly at TE a twist. Hernandez vs. Tamme. I can’t believe how Brady find Hernandez in the tightest moments. He has been very impressive. I think Tamme is still the better play only because he gets more looks. Again, to you.

    Thanks you for all the advice. Great articles

  15. Ratcliffe2005

    Thanks for the advice season long: Going for the 1st place championship in both teams.

    League 1:

    (Start 3)
    WR: H. Nicks, J. Maclin, K. Britt, D. Branch, (M. Thomas)

    (Start 2)
    RB: A. Foster, J. Charles, P. Hillis
    (I don’t like the current running Hillis has been doing, and the BAL def he’s going up against, but at the same time Foster hasn’t been explosive either)

    (Start 1)
    TE: K. Boss or A. Hernandez
    (According to their pattern, its Gronkowski’s time to have a big game (on and off each weak since week 7.)

    League 2:

    (Start 3)
    WR: C. Johnson, M. Williams (TB), S. Moss, K. Britt, D. Branch, D. Woodhead

    (Start 2)
    K. Moreno, R. Mendenhall, J. Stewart, D. Woodhead, P. Thomas

    DEF: NE DEF against BUF a good idea?

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