Dear Friends,

Between all of the work and hustle this week, i’m going to be unable to do really any updates for this site. And since it is Championship Week, it seems almost right that I leave you to your lineups yourselves.

you all know the matchups and who has star power.

I will be back here on Sunday most likely, to maybe make a final startem sitem post. But besides that. There will be no answers this week from me. You are more than welcome to comment on other people’s questions and use the message board as a sort of q&a forum.

Congrats to all who made it and are fighting for the first spot. And thank you all again for enjoying my site.

Best of luck, and happy holidays.




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11 responses to “Dear Friends,

  1. Ratcliffe2005

    Worst Advice Website ever…

    Andrew has clearly been losing interest as the weeks have waned on. His advice from week 7 forward has been steadily slipping and lacking, not the content, but the time and effort. In the most recent weeks we’ve not even been graced with player rankings.

    Tell us why we should stick around with your site, when your advice is mildly better than the top website, and lacking half the effort? When your readers need you most, you decide to slack off…

    I for one will not be checking back with this site next year.

    Thank you for the advice you’ve given me, it surely has helped. Though the number one key to being successful is being active…

  2. Cgi

    I’m going to have to kind of agree here. While i can’t really complain because all the advice was free, I do find it pretty lame to not give advice in the final week – espcially with all the injuries this year, lineups have not been cut & dry. He’s busy, he has a day job, he does this in his spare time i get it. However, he made some pretty outstanding statements when this blog started about it being the best most kickass fantasy blog out there. Did it deliver? I think not.

    • you, sir, have been coming to my site all year long.. and are also in the championships because of it.
      i appreciate that in your last post you said that you had this bookmarked, but the blatant disrespect you have shown my work in this post is a little rough. if you would like to go find another website with free and accurate one-on-one advice, be my guest.

  3. BG

    Andrew — I was more active while seeking advice earlier in the season as a terrible draft left me pretty handicapped and I didn’t have much of a chance in this, my first, Fantasy Football season. I still referenced the site week to week though to benefit from the posts and advice given to others. I would like to thank you for your efforts, the time you spent while providing the one to one advice, and will definitely be checking back next year. Thank you and talk to you next season!


    • Thanks a lot. Im happy to hear youll be coming back. Ill fill the rest of the year with fantasy basketball and baseball, but check in around the preseason when i’ll have some extensive draft boards posted.

  4. Jack

    To godhateslosers, I’ve learned quite a bit during my first FF season. The insight that you have provided has helped me through some tough decisions that ultimately helped me claim 3rd place.. injuries had
    F*cked me in the semi’s or I would have had a title shot.. nevertheless thank you for the time and effort you’ve spent helping us all have the best season we could. See you next year.


  5. Allan Basso


    It was a great first fantasy league year.
    I enjoyed it very much (much more than my real team).

    I agree that the site became less interesting in the recent weeks when it should be the opposite since the playoffs were starting.

    But hey!
    If he could not find time to give the one on one advice he gave us all year, I think there’s no need to bashing.

    It’s just advice. And for free.
    Sometimes the advice even led me to a loss. Not Andrew’s fault.
    Ultimately, all players have to decide for themselves.
    That’s the fun of the game.

    I just would like to thank for the time you spent with us when you could.
    It was fun, for sure.
    Like I said, it not always helped me, and not always I agreed and followed your advice, but sure it was fun to talk to somebody about the options and the reasons behind the decisions (not easy to find people in Brazil to talk about American Football).

    I’ll be back next year for sure (if a find a league to compete – like I said, not an easy task to do in Brazil)

    Thanks for everything and Happy New Year.

    Allan (First Year – Champion)

  6. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    Thanks a lot of all the stuff you have done on this site. I can understand why the guys at the top were upset, but you really gave us all the training and material to figure it out on our own.
    Best article for me was How’s Your Record? A Guide To Approaching Playoffs and Less Than Perfect..
    I took 1st in my league and it was my first year playing FF. I’ll be coming back. Thanks

  7. jeremy


    Don’t know if you are still checking this blog, but I appreciate the help you have given me this year. I am in the championship this week and can you use some help with the line-up if you have time.

    QB- Vickk is out. so I have to pick between Flaaco, Kolb or Tebow
    RB; Blount, Lawfirm, PT, and Jennings
    WR: Wayne, Manningham, Britt, S.Johnson
    Def: Giants or Patriots
    K: Akers
    TE: Tamme

    I need help picking from this RB/WR group, 2WR/2RB’s, 1 Flex RB/WR

    I will never play in a week 17 championship again, it is a pain in the ass trying to figure who will play or not.



    • Im still here. Just taking a little break. Trying to figure out what to do with the site in the off season. Week 17 playoffs are the worst because of everyone who is sitting. Just be mindful of who is out and who will likely be limited.

      I did decide that i wont be helping anyone in the championship though. So youll have to be on your own for this. Youve got good options. Best of luck to you.

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